4 Reasons Why You Need Life Overhaul

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Everything in our life has an impact on the way our life is, the friends we keep, the books we read, the posters we hang in our bedrooms, the kind of programs we watch, the people we follow every single one of these has an impact on the way our life turns out. Therefore, if we analyze the factors influencing our life, we can easily identify whether the life we are living is, as we want it or requires alterations.

The thing with Us – the people of today is that we are so busy in our life that we don’t realize that our life is dying as we are living it and there are signs that are screaming at us for attention but we remain oblivious of them, hence keep on living life the way it is without even realizing that it requires overhaul. In the lines below, I shall discuss with you the four major factors that if present in your life indicate a life overhaul.

You Don’t Have Anyone to Look Up To

Life is a learning process, therefore, if at any point the learning curve becomes flat and there is no more learning then it is a signal that you need to change your life. Being ahead in the class means that no one is better than you, if such a situation occurs you need to stop there and go to a class where there are other students that know more than you do. Similarly, in your professional life if you reach a stage where everyone looks up to you and you have no inspiration left, then you need to shift course and go to someplace where there are other people who are more experienced then you are, it can be a new firm, an online forum a support group and so on. Therefore, always have people around you that know more than you to have something in life to strive for.

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You Always Remain In Your Comfort Zone

A butterfly is just an ugly looking insect until it leaves its cocoon and expands its wings. Therefore, if your life propagates a lifestyle where you are never pushed outside your comfort zone, then you seriously need to reconsider your status. If you don’t get out of your comfort zone, you won’t realize your true potential, and if you don’t rise to your true potential then the life you are living would be one which I call an ‘under-lived’ life. Therefore, if you wish to grow in life in general and in your profession in particular, then you need to find ways that push you out of your comfort zone.

You Aren’t Excited At Sunrise

The one thing that is common in the life of all the people who love their life is that every day they get out of bed with the same level of excitement if not greater compared to the previous day. On the other hand, those who lack excitements are the ones who don’t like their life the way it is. The fact cannot be stressed upon more that we only live once and each and every moment of our life is important and worth enjoying. Therefore, if you are at a stage of life where you hate getting up every day and doing what you do, then you need to change what you are doing, it can be the job you have, the ride to work, or the time in front of the TV later in the evening. Thus, identify the factors that make you feel uninterested and change them.

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People Around You Aren’t Growth Oriented

This one is especially for professionals who hang out with their colleagues and friends from other professions. If your friends aren’t growth oriented and don’t want to grow in life, then most probably they are the ones who hate getting up early in the morning and never want to get out of their comfort zone. Thus, if such is the company you keep, then you seriously need to reconsider whom you hang out with if you have higher goals in life.

Now it’s Your Turn!

Have you ever come across a situation where you realized that your life is not what you want it to be? How did you change it? What made you realize that you are on the wrong path? Share your insightful experience with us.

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