5 Tips to Launch Your Workday the Right Way

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Of all the challenges we face during a busy workweek, getting up ready to take on the day is sometimes the toughest of them all. Many of us don’t have a natural, chipper bounce in our step in the morning, so we rely on coffee, protein bars and/or cold showers to shock our senses into work mode. But there has to be a better way, right?

While we encourage the healthy consumption of your favorite morning blend, there are some other things you can do to get yourself going in the morning.

Plan ahead.

Before kicking off your bunny slippers and hopping into bed, take a quick look at the calendar to see what’s on tap for tomorrow. Knowing whether you have a major meeting with your boss first thing in the morning, or if the day is fairly clear sailing, will help you sleep easier and stay organized. It will also give you a chance to make sure you’ve got everything you need next to the door so that if you’re running late, you won’t leave any important or necessary paperwork sitting on the kitchen table.

Set the alarm…across the room.

Some of us wake up at the drop of a pin, but a lot of people sleep through alarms, hit snooze just plain sleep through the loud dinging of even the most obnoxious alarm. If you’re using your phone as your alarm, plug it in across the room, turn up the volume and head to bed. (This will also keep you from the temptation of opening up Words with Friends in the middle of the night at the first inkling that a restless night is upon you.) If all else fails, you might have to take desperate measures by investing in the alarm clock that runs away.

Eat breakfast.

Your mom, the bus driver, significant other and everyone under the sun has pestered you about this for years, but it’s time to start listening (and eating). Studies have shown that although 93% of Americans think breakfast is the most important meal of the day, only 44% actually eat it daily. Skipping breakfast will not only kill your productivity, but chances are it will have you consuming more sweet and salty snacks throughout the day, making you feel sluggish and tired.

Dress the part.

This might come as a huge disappointment, but research has shown that dress-down days decrease productivity and quality of work. So whether your office is a Hawaiian shirt kind of place or suits and ties only, go the extra mile to dress your best so you’ll feel like taking on the day inside and out. If you usually sport flip-flops, considering busting out those dress shoes to see how snazzy and inspired you feel at work. Test the waters and give it a try!

Get to work early.

The thought of showing up to work before everyone else might seem a bit daunting, but consider the benefits. Not only will you avoid a rough commute, but chances are you’ll get the first cup of coffee, your to-do list mapped out without distraction, and even send a few emails sent off and tasks completed before your coworkers infringe on your productivity.

Nobody said getting up and skipping into work was easy or fun, but there are plenty of ways to make it a little bit easier on you and anyone else who might have to interact with you during those early hours of the day. If you get started right, the rest of the day will fly by with productivity and creativity in tow.

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