5 Ways To Crush Limiting Beliefs

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / September 16, 2013

Take the Leap

We’ve all thought at some point in our life and maybe even today that we aren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or educated enough.  We don’t have enough money, the right relationships, enough time, knowledge, or energy to accomplish our goals, pursue our dreams or live a life of fulfillment.  But the reality is all of that is BS.  Our only limitation is our ability to identify the illusions we ourselves have created.  The fear, doubt, confusion, and pain that consumes our mind, our life, and our results is a hidden belief that is reflected by us through other people.

Today I want to share with you 5 ways to crush your limiting beliefs, BS excuses, and the story you’ve told yourself for so long you believe it’s reality so you can identify, change, and influence others to do the same, while living a life of extreme confidence and clarity.

Jump off the cliff

Imagine standing at the bottom of a cliff while your friend gets ready to jump off you’re screaming and shouting “you can do it,” “come on” and suddenly he jumps.  When he gets to the bottom he says now it’s your turn.  You head up the cliff and what was an emotional high minutes ago when you were at the bottom has now turned into a deliberating fear as you look down.  As you harness up thoughts start racing through your mind “what if my parachute doesn’t deploy?” “What if I hit a tree or rock?” “I can’t do this it’s too far down” “What if…What if…What if?”  It’s suddenly an endless stream of fear, doubt, and anxiety.  The same fear, doubt and anxiety your friend was feeling when you were screaming “You can do this.”  You suddenly realize there are only two options take off the harness and trek the gear down the cliff, but that would be a lot of work after all you just got up here or jump.  You make the decision to jump and seconds later you’re free falling through the sky enjoying the scenery, and as you hit the bottom you’re thinking that wasn’t so hard.  Actually that was fun I want to do it again.  Each time you do it, it gets easier and easier.  You’re no longer analyzing what could happen but enjoying the adrenaline, excitement, energy and fun of accomplishing your goal.  As Tony Robbins says ‘It is in our moments of decision that our destiny is shaped.”

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It is these same decisions small or big that we make every day that cause us fear, pain and anxiety or fun, excitement, and joy.  It is this emotional intensity that dictates our actions and results.  So how do you crush your limiting beliefs?

Demolish Doubt

Step into uncertainty and make a new decision.  Our minds our unlimited the only limit we have is the one we put on ourselves.  We choose our emotions and our results.   Instead of driving yourself into an emotional pit, wasting time, not taking action and feeling the pain of regret get ahold of the demon of doubt and KILL IT!  Find the hidden belief.  Question it and shift the illusion.  The truth is the opposite of doubt; it is this emotional intensity that makes shit happen.

Create Confidence

The reality of stepping into the unknown, into the uncertainty, and fear is the only way to create confidence and receive emotional confirmation that the decision you made was the right decision.  Confidence is an internal value leading to the love, freedom, abundance, clarity, and the energy you need to maximize results and fulfillment in all aspects of life.  Raphael Robertson said it best “A comfort zone is a casket.”

Get Clear

The best feeling in the world is the essence of knowing who we are and why we are here.  All value is emotional.  Owning who you are, creating an authentic message, and committing to your highest potential will give you confirmation that all fear, doubt, and confusion is an illusion.  An illusion limiting your ability to influence.  Influence is the effect on character, development, or behavior of someone or something.

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Have a Compelling Reason Why

Your message and passion is the reason you are here.  It’s not always about your presentation but rather your presence.  Nothing great ever happens without a compelling reason why.  Think about all of the reasons why you want to make a difference, all the reasons why your family deserves better, and your bank account deserves more, then use that to influence every decision you make.

Most Importantly Take Action

Knowledge without action is meaningless and action is truly the only way to crush limiting beliefs. Next time you are looking for a quick fix, an easy way out, or convenient path to take remember the only quick fix is taking massive action!

Melissa Krivachek President of Briella Arion is  committed to helping executives and entrepreneurs across the globe Break-Thru*  limiting beliefs to create 6 & 7 figure businesses doing what they love,  whatever that may be. Known as the female Tony Robbins her practical, simplistic  approach has made her one of the top 10 leadership and personal growth experts  in the world under 30. With a focus on mindset, internal/external confidence,  communication & leadership training her clients get massive, immediate,  long-term sustainable results.

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