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According to a recent Bankrate report, nearly 4 in 10 Americans have a side hustle that allows them to earn anywhere from $200 to over $1,000 a month. A few hundred dollars in extra cash every month could be the difference that helps you pay your rent, afford a new car, or simply stress less.

These days, there are numerous options to choose from when you are picking your side hustle. You can choose to earn a few extra bucks by working for one of the many companies that allow you to work when you want and for however long you want. 

This includes options like becoming a rideshare driver, teaching kids English, or dog walking. You may even choose to start a blog or podcast or do something else that could turn into a full-time entrepreneurial effort.

No matter what you’re thinking, here are a few side hustle podcasts worth a listen. They will provide you with some inspiration and advice as you begin your side hustle journey.

1. Marketing School

Neil Patel and Eric Siu are two of the biggest names in the marketing game, so when they team up to create a podcast, you know it’s going to be good. You will find some of the best digital marketing and online marketing tips by tuning in to their daily episodes of Marketing School

The podcast now has over 1,400 episodes, and no matter where you are in your marketing journey, you will find something that is relevant to you. 

You can expect topics like SEO, email marketing, social media, and starting a blog from the ground up to be discussed. Neil and Eric bring their years of experience to the table so you can make better decisions by learning from their past successes and failures.

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Recommended Episode: How to Improve Your Customer Experience Using Surveys (With Live Example)

2. The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Pat Flynn’s smart passive income podcast is filled with advice and tips for anyone who is in the process of building their own online business. You will find interviews featuring Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Michael Hyatt, and more.

At the moment, it is the top iTunes Business podcast with over 60 million downloads. 

Recommended Episode: Have a Vision or Be Doomed to Failure. Vision Scripting, with Michael Hyatt

3. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Entrepreneurs on Fire is hosted by John Lee Dumas who interviews successful entrepreneurs in various fields to help guide you to a life of financial freedom. This award winning podcast has even led to the creation of a book, “The Common Path to Uncommon Success”. The book contains the advice and content from over 2,600 episodes of the podcast.

Episode Recommendation: Creating New Measurable & Predictable Revenue Streams Through ProfitPaths with Dave Conklin

4. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is the woman behind the Digital Course Academy. The academy has taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to launch their own courses. Her podcast is full of interviews, advice, launch plans, ways to execute, and more. The best part of her podcast is that every piece of advice is extremely actionable. You can take away profitable ideas from each and every episode.

Recommended Episode: Stop Leaving $$ On The Table — Add A Digital Course To Your Biz (Here’s How!)

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5. Seth Godin’s Startup School

Seth Godin tackles management and marketing in this side hustle podcast that is known to have tons of golden nuggets of information. This podcast is different than most because within each episode Seth guides entrepreneurs through a workshop. These workshops teach listeners how to build their own online business. 

Recommended Episode: Freelancer or Entrepreneur?

6. Capitalism.com Podcast

The Capitalism.com podcast has some pretty interesting takes on business, how to build your own, investing the profits, and more. One of the more recent episodes was a ‘fly on the wall’ viewpoint of a one-on-one coaching call session. Listeners heard host Ryan Daniel Moran guide one of his clients through a coaching call. Similar unique episodes are the beauty of this podcast. You can expect to hear a whole new viewpoint with every episode.

Recommended Episode: You Are Enough: The Most Important Lesson Of My Life and Career

Every entrepreneur knows the value of new information, good advice, and inspiring stories. The beauty of living in the 21st century is that all of that is at your fingertips. Instead of wasting your car journeys listening to trashy music, take a deep dive into an entrepreneurial journey that you could learn from, get inspired through, or simply be entertained by.

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