7 Tips For Building An SEO Friendly Site

by / ⠀Startup Advice / January 2, 2013

It’s no secret that Internet businesses these days are fighting to the death over those top spots on Google.  Page one rankings have the potential to bring in lucrative amounts of cash that save a ton of money on customer acquisition.

With that said, search engine optimization is a tough and cruel world.  Just when you think you have it all figured out, Google releases another update throwing all your former theories on its heels.


For this reason, its more important than ever to focus on building an SEO friendly site that will be naturally geared towards impressing the all-powerful Google.  Here are 7 tips to get you started:

1.  Perform extensive keyword research before building a single page.

Many webmasters build their website first, and worry about keywords later on.  This is the equivalent of an architect building the frame of a house, without knowing where the rooms will be built.

Without knowing what our words we are trying to rank, the structure of our website will be shaky at best.  The best strategy is to prepare the entire design of our website, before ever creating a single page.  This way we are fully prepared to optimize our pages as effectively as possible.

2.  Designate your landing pages with different sets of keywords.

Every page of your website should have 1-3 keywords that you are attempting to rank.  Before building any content, figure out what these pages are and brainstorm how you will build them in ways that are conducive to those specific keywords, while still maintaining a strong reader engagement.

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3.   Create a keyword density of three to five percent.

The words you are attempting to rank for should have a keyword density of between three and five percent.  Any more than this and Google will deem your website as a site that “stuff keywords,” meaning, that you are not building your site for users, but rather,  are building it for the search engines.  SEO must look completely natural in order to reap rewards.

4.  Make sure your meta data and headlines are perfect.

The meta data and headlines of your website should accurately represent the content of what your page contains, without having any errors.  We want to use our keywords within these two areas, in order to send the signal to Google that this is what the search engines will find when crawling our pages.

5.  Make your website user-friendly.

There is an old saying, no page on your website should be more than two clicks away.  This means the structure of your website should be set up in ways that make it easy for the user to navigate, whether you have ten pages or one thousand.

6.  Internal links are important.

Linking pages within a website to each other in an SEO friendly way is very important.  In the modern era of Google, the key is not to over optimize.  Don’t use the same anchor text over and over for the words that you are trying to rank for.  Vary it up.   It’s ok to use some anchor text that match your keywords exactly, but many of your links should use variations of “click here,” “learn more now,” etc., when linking to other pages.

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7.  Content is King.

The more quality content you release, the better.  Above all, Google ranks websites that have great content higher than any other websites.  Focus on releasing the highest quality content you can, and trust me, the search results will eventually follow.

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