7 Ways to Maximize Employee Potential & Boost Performance

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Employee MotivationLet me set the scene: you’re sitting at your desk waiting for your phone to ring, hoping for the next client to walk in, and pacing your office wondering how you’re going to pay your employees.  What you’re going to tell them when you let them go because you no longer have work for them?

In today’s small and medium sized companies more and more entrepreneurs face challenges like this on a daily basis.  You started the company with good intentions, you were passionate, you were making good money, you had great relationships with your employees, you had money coming in hand over fist, your clients were providing several referrals and now you feel like you were kicked in the stomach, you are completely drained, your desires to succeed have been stopped by so called economic and social forces. And, you feel like the only way out is to give up and quit, but that’s not the only solution.

What if you could bring out the best in your employees when business isn’t so good and not only maximize potential  but also boost employee performance?  You can with 7 simple steps.  Before I get into the details realize these steps aren’t the average, everyday ways to bring out the best in your employees, these unique steps will bring unique results, and will require everyone in the organization to play a higher role, and serve a higher purpose, while making a higher income.  In today’s business even the best companies can benefit.

  1. Be Competitive.

This doesn’t have to cost money, what I am going to suggest will increase adrenaline, release serotonin and oxytocin, and it’s fun for every member of your team.  Go to the gym or better yet set up an obstacle course in your office, split up into teams, make a bet (small or large) and GO!  Go all out, get down and dirty.  Get sweaty, have a team meeting, THEN let everyone have the rest of the day off PAID.

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All that pent up anger and frustration that you are taking out on your boss, your peers, or your clients take it out on the punching bag, on the bean bag chair, or whatever else is hanging around your office.  Use chairs to set up an obstacle course, run wall to wall, do whatever it takes to work out, work together, and have fun. And, hey if you don’t have enough room in your office don’t worry I’m sure your parking lot will work just fine.

When you are done with your 1-2 hour fun run, take time to be creative which we will discuss more in step 2.  THEN let everyone take the rest of the day off PAID.  When your employees get an unexpected day off from the office, after they sweat it they will not only feel better but perform better as well.

  1. Be Creative.

Creativity inspires, builds emotional commitment, and captures thoughts.  Creativity is a learned, practiced, and disciplined skill.  What is a creative idea worth?  Ultimately its priceless to your organization. Conversations have far more brand impact than marketing campaigns.  Next time you’re sitting in the board room, or training and you want or rather expect your employees to be engaged utilize creative art, have them take notes with crayons, draw out ideas, create vision boards, and redefine your company culture.

Employee engagement creates trust, and trust is the single most expensive factor in business today.  In fact, 29% of employees believe management cares about their growth, 42% of employees believe management cares about them period, and 58-71% of employees don’t trust their managers and their managers don’t trust them.  If you’re not sure what I mean take a quick look at what it may be costing you:  400 Billion in Employee Fraud, 400 Billion in Espionage & Counterfeiting, 250 Billion in Employee Disengagement, 230 Billion in Time Theft, 120 Billion in Employee Dishonesty, 100 Billion in Office Politics, 50 Billion in Identity Theft,  37 Billion in Unproductive Meetings and the list goes on to trillions in wasted capitol.  That is the HIGH cost of low trust.

  1. Be Consistent.

So might I suggest a consistent effort in your organization to communicate, appreciate, and acknowledge your employees?

  1. Be Social.

Invite your employees to participate alongside you in networking, community, or charity events. There are great events across the world that don’t cost anything but your time.  One of the greatest benefits of being in business is being able to lead and encourage others to tap into their full potential and maximize their performance.  But, that requires you to put your employees, and customers’ needs over your own by truly getting to know them.

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A great friend of mine Harvey Mackay author of Swim with the Sharks without being eaten alive suggests asking 66 questions which range from their birthday, to their anniversary, to awards, community involvement, political involvement, how many kids they have, their ages, the activities they and their kids enjoy, etc… the point is really get to know your employees, find something in common, and build your relationship from those commonalities on a consistent basis.  For example you hate the opera, your employee hates the opera but both of your wives insist on you going, why not make it a double date night, and you pick up the tab.  Of course I am not suggesting you be your employees best friend, what I am suggesting though is that you truly get to know your employee, and acknowledge them for who they are.  You will create trust, and respect increasing conversions, retention, and the bottom line.

  1. Be Simple.

Too often we overcomplicate, and underestimate the power of simplicity.  Simplicity is smarter streamlined innovation, collaboration, and communication creating uniformity, concreteness, and aliveness benefiting every organization.

  1. Be Desirable.

Employees across every organization have a desire to learn and grow.  Before you become a teacher be a student, before you become a master become a teacher.  What do I mean, read books and encourage your employees to do the same, and attend trainings.  One of the greatest resources I have found is G5 Leadership a partnership of the best leaders coming together on Dr. John Maxwell’s online platform g5leadership.com to share their expertise, experiences, and ideas.  It’s an opportunity to meet leaders from across the globe, once a month for 90 minutes, and it’s free for the first 6 months or $9.99/month therefore afterwards.  This platform is an incredible desirable resource for both executives and employees to reference.  It will help you learn, grow, and become a better leader igniting the deepest levels of employee engagement.

  1. Be Credible.

If you promise you’re going to do something do it.  If you promise you are going to be somewhere be there.  Be authentic and transparent- that’s what you would expect and frankly your employees expect nothing less.

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Always remember the most successful leaders built a competitive, creative, consistent, simple, desirable, social environment where credibility thrived in their organization and these 7 steps will help you build the same foundation.  So if you’re sitting at your desk waiting for your phone to ring, hoping for the next client to walk in, and pacing your office wondering how you’re going to pay your employees, what you’re going to tell them when you let them go because you no longer have work for them refer to these 7 steps to take your personal, professional, and financial life to the next level.  These 7 simple steps will help you play a higher role, serve a higher purpose, and make a higher income now and even the best companies can benefit.

Melissa Krivachek President of Briella Arion is deeply & passionately committed to the growth & effectiveness of leaders, teams, and organizations. Melissa is a High Caliber Leadership, Sales, and Personal Growth Expert, Author, Speaker, Coach, and Life Enthusiast! 

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