7 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page without Spending a Dime

by / ⠀Startup Advice / November 24, 2012

Building a Facebook audience doesn’t have to be expensive. By taking a few simple steps, you can promote your page without spending a dime. Here are seven top tips for marketing your Facebook page!

1.)     Cross-Promote

Simply looking at the stats on your Facebook posts will show you that to promote your content, you cannot rely on Facebook alone. That’s why you have to find ways to draw viewers to your page from other sources. Did you post a Q & A video to your Facebook page that few people are seeing? Cross-promote it on your Twitter account. Are you asking for fan feedback? Link to the post at the end of a new blog post. Look for ways to cross-promote your content from your other sources online.

2.)     Email Signature

Add the link to your Facebook page to your default email signature, and you’ll effortlessly promote your page in all your email correspondences. While linking to Facebook in emails hardly seems revolutionary, it is a powerful way to expose your page to the people with whom you interact with on a regular basis.

 3.)     Website Button

Look around at other business sites and you’ll see that featuring attractive website buttons that point to social media profiles is a fairly standard practice. Integrate these buttons into your website design at the sidebar, top, or bottom of your site.

4.)     Online Bios

When you write articles or contribute content to other sites, include a link to your Facebook page in your bio. In press releases, link to your Facebook page in the “About” section at the bottom of the release. Anywhere that you provide further info on you or your brand, link to your Facebook page.

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5.)     Mention Other Fan Pages

Use the Facebook @mention feature to grab the attention of other page owners and their followers. As an added bonus, highlighting other pages will also earn you goodwill from their owners, building community. The stronger your online community, the more you stand to benefit from unsolicited mentions on their pages, feedback, etc. [Add other examples of how will benefit?]

 6.)     Host a Contest or Giveaway

Host some kind of promotion or contest on your website or blog that users can enter when they like your Facebook page. If you make the prize a discount on your existing products or services, you further benefit by promoting what you sell. While you’re at it, host a contest or giveaway directly on your fan page—use it to draw traffic back to your main site while also adding value to your page.

7.)     Share Quality Content

Even though sharing quality content may seem like a given, it is the single most important factor in building your Facebook fan base. When you share content that your fans find compelling, they’ll be more likely to share it with their friends, expanding your reach. What’s more, when you share quality content, your fans will be more likely to engage, strengthening your page’s power for influence.

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