A Comparison of Unlimited Hotspot Plans for Businesses

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A Comparison of Unlimited Hotspot Plans for Businesses

There has recently been a significant increase in remote working positions. Many companies worldwide are expanding their workforces across international borders.

But, with this rise of a remote workforce comes some unique challenges—including staying connected. Traditionally, remote workers would use public Wi-Fi networks or install Wi-Fi at home (often at a cost to the company). But is this always the best option?

Unlimited hotspots overcome these limitations, allowing remote workers to remain connected wherever they work.

Read on for the benefits these hotspots offer those working remotely and a comparison of unlimited hotspot plans.

What is an unlimited hotspot?

An unlimited hotspot is defined as a portable internet connectivity device you can take with you anywhere. It is part of a plan that allows you to access the internet through the device without your data use being capped.

This kind of hotspot is mainly associated with mobile network providers.

The Benefits of Unlimited Hotspot Plans

Business own͏ers and e͏mploye͏es who͏ work from home can enjo͏y the͏ following advantages ͏prov͏ided by an unlimited͏ hotspot pl͏an:

  • Hotspots enable employees to work anywhere with a dependable, robust internet connection. They can literally work from anywhere.
  • A dependable internet connection will enable employees to focus on tasks regardless of their lo͏cation͏. They won͏’t experience any lags or disrup͏tions due to a po͏or connection.
  • A limitless hotspot is usually more cost-effective than purch͏asing ͏fiber or different Internet packages, particularly when you need to cover your ͏empl͏oyees͏’ remote internet expenses.
  • As your team expands, you can easily upgrade͏ your hotspot plan.
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3 Best Unlimited Hotspot Plans For Businesses

There’s no shortage of unlimited hotspot plan providers in the U.S. The three below offer some of the best deals for businesses and individuals.


This mobile service provider has plenty of hotspot-only plans, as well as hotspot, talk, and text plans. They offer 5G connections on their hotspot plans. They do have some capped plans—so read the fine print carefully.

However, you can always top up your data, so any plan can be unlimited for a small fee.

Existing AT&T customers can enjoy discounts on their plans. They charge $25 per month for a 5G-capped hotspot-only plan. Or you can get a 100GB hotspot plan for $90 per month.

Visible by Verizon

Visible by Verizon is an affordable alternative to AT&T. Two Visible plans are available at $25 and $35+ each. Both plans offer unlimited talk, text, and hotspot data.

The only downside to this plan is the slower connection speed. Unlimited hotspots are capped at 5 Mbps. This speed is still adequate for working online and on video calls.


T-Mobile offers 3G unlimited data plans. However, they don’t have any hotspot-only plans. Although this may make the plan more expensive than the other two options above, it allows employees to use the plan to phone and text, making it a comprehensive package.

T-Mobile’s unlimited hotspot plan, unfortunately, only offers a 3G connection. However, their capped plans have 5G options available.

T-Mobile is the most expensive provider, with their unlimited hotspot 3G plan starting at $75 monthly. Their capped 5G plans are even more expensive.

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Making the Most of Mobile Hotspot Devices

Once you understand which hotspot plan is best for you or your company, you want to optimize your use of your hotspot device.

  • Make sure to keep an eye on your usage. Some uncapped or unlimited plans will throttle you and slow down your connection. This typically happens once you use a certain amount of data.
  • Always carry a portable charger with you.
  • Give your hotspot a robust and complicated password to secure your internet connection, especially if you plan to use it in public settings.

Remote Work You Can Do on Your Phone

If you’re curious about working remotely with a hotspot but don’t have a job yet, here are some options to consider. You can do all of those jobs on your phone or mobile device:

  • App tester: Use your cell phone and hotspot to download and use apps before they launch in app stores. You will provide comments on any issues and share your overall consumer experience.
  • ESL trainer: You can teach English As A Second Language (ESL) from everywhere. Simply install video calling technology on your smartphone and host your classes online.
  • Market researcher: Use your smartphone (with a stable internet connection) to gather people’s opinions on unique services, subjects, or products. It depends on the employer, but this can be done via phone calls, emails, or social media.
  • Social media assistant: Work with a social media manager to handle the organization’s online presence. Your duties may include responding to comments and queries on social media posts and monitoring user behavior on social media platforms.
  • Delivery driver: If you’ve got a vehicle or motorbike, you could work via phone apps for delivery organizations. This consists of food and parcel shipping, in addition to ride-shares.
  • Quality assurance tester: You’re responsible for testing digital products or websites to ensure everything runs as it should.
  • Sales representative: Sell products online, manage customer relations, and track company goals through CRM apps.
  • Affiliate marketer: Promote specific services or products through affiliate links on your personal website, blog, or social media systems.
  • Writer and editor: If you’re writing on an app, you can easily write or edit content from your cellphone.
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Final Thoughts

The fact that you can access public Wi-Fi networks nearly everywhere has made remote work possible for almost everyone.

But, public networks can be unsecured, exposing your private and business information to hackers or cyber criminals.

That’s why unlimited hotspot plans are so crucial. These hotspots don’t have any data limits and let you have a secure internet connection regardless of where you’re working from.

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