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TextBroker.comThere’s no doubt that running a business can become exhausting after a while.  With to-do lists that seemingly never end, and endless amounts of responsibilities, emails, and phone calls coming through, many entrepreneurs will find themselves burning out quickly if they do not learn how to work in ways that are as efficient as possible.

The challenge comes in the form of finding resources that are equally efficient, reliable, and effective.  But most importantly, learning how to take advantage of them to their full potential.

Well one of the most popular recourses for business owners these days is textbroker.com.  With Google demanding endless amounts of content in order to rank high on the search engines, producing unique content week in and week out can be an exhausting, debilitating process after a while.  Sometimes hiring a bit of help is needed to keep ones sanity and maintain a thriving business without burning out.

So let’s take a look at one of the better resources on the Internet for creating unique content, Textbroker.com:

Textbroker.Com is a great solution to the time consuming nature of writing content.  The site offers thousands of expert writers that will produce content on just about any topic for a very low price.

Prices range from .12 to .67 per word, depending on the quality of writing that you choose from.   You specify the amount of words, your price range, and the content that you would like produced, and an expert writer will take care of the rest.

Each article is then approved by an expert, and passed through copyscape to ensure that duplicate content has not being created.  As if this is not enough, one never has to fear that he or she will not be receiving top quality work.  This is because the customer also has the opportunity to request as many edits as he or she would like, until the article is completely up to standards.

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When it comes to receiving quality content at a low price, this site cannot be beat.

How to use this resource effectively:

In order to get the most out of textbroker, one most learn how to use it to the best of his or her ability or it will be as useless as a one legged man in a kicking contest.  So let’s take a look at how you can get the most out of this valuable site:

1) Be extremely specific with your instructions.

Suppose you want an article titled, “5 Ways to Boost Confidence.” Do not simply post a job offer that says this is what you are looking for.

Take a minute or two to provide detailed instructions and bullet points on how you want the article to be written.  In addition, try to provide a similar article that will help guide your author in the right direction.  The people who are writing your articles can only do so much.  They specialize in writing and technique, not brainstorming and coming up with original ideas.

The more specific you are with your directions, the more likely your writers will provide high quality content to your readers.

2) Only choose a four star rating or higher.

Text-broker allows you to choose the quality of your articles on a one to five star rating.  The higher the quality, the more expensive the article.

Despite the temptation to choose a low price, never choose a quality level of lower than four stars, or your content will not only be sub-par, but full of mistakes, insulting, and un-informative to your readers.  Ideally five stars is what you should shoot for if your budget permits it, but four stars will suffice.

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3) Gather your best article writers and form an “expert team.”

There is an option on text-broker to build an expert team.   Building a team means that you have decided to place someone who has written a great article for you on your permanent team.  From this point on, whenever you post a topic, someone from the team you have built will have first crack at writing your article.

This is highly effective because having writers who are familiar with your style will ensure content that is more tailored towards exactly what you are looking for.

4) Always proof read and edit.

This is essential.  No matter how much you may be tempted to skip this process, every article must be re-read and edited, even the ones that are five stars.  Remember, these articles represent you.  Even if there are no mistakes (and sometimes there will be), you should always be making sure that they represent you in the right way.

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