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How to prevent your to-do list from stressing you out

New to the scene?  Yeah, we can smell it.  The scent that still lingers in all entrepreneurs as they live day by day.  But we like you.  So, we present to you a rule list in order to get into this powerful club.  Come back,  show us all the check marks, and you’re in.  No excuses.  No payment plans.  Just you and your remarkable idea. What if you had an entrepreneur to do list?

Here we go to the entrepreneur to do list. (In no apparent order)

1. Vision. I was taught young that when you see something you desire, take a picture, cut it out, or write it down.  Next, post it up on some tag board and plop a good ole picture of you in the center (preferably not with your ex boyfriend/girlfriend you still miss obsessively).  Got it?  Now, stare at it.  Rigorously.  But don’t hurt your eyes.  Take notice of how things change around you.  Are you seeing more pearl white BMW’s ever since you glued the one from the magazine?  Not coincidental.  Not at all. Vision is vital for every entrepreneur.

2. Benjamin. That’s what we’ll call this trick of the trade passed on down from my mother.  Carry a Benjamin ($100 bill) with you in your wallet at all times.  Don’t spend it.  Following this simple rule will get your mind in a state of abundance.  Too many people subconsciously think in a scarcity mode.  Not you.  You, my friend, can walk on down Fifth Ave. and know that you have the money for anything.   Ok, maybe you’re shy a few hundred but now you have changed your fear of money into something positive.  Let the positives keep coming (+$).

3. Enter contests. I’m a sucker for this one.  Why not finance your venture with competition winnings?  Business plan competitions, elevator pitches, GSEA, there are lots of organizations who will award prize money to promising no start-ups.  No venture capitalists needed.  “But I’m not lucky,” you say. Nonsense.  You make your own luck (one of my favorite lines).  But don’t get too carried away and start dropping pennies left and right just to pick them up yourself.  That’s cheating the superstition.

4.  The 10% bank account. Reading from Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs, one will find this secret to attract wealth.  Set-up a separate bank account just for charity.  Every time you deposit cash, set aside 10% to put in this account.  I highly stress that you do it, even if you’re already cutting the corners just to survive and thrive.  It’s an unexplainable concept that no one can figure out as to how it multiplies your money.  But it does.  So rest in that next time you think of investing in stocks and bonds.  Help you and your favorite charity out, instead.

5.  Set your standards. This applies to so many things in the entrepreneur world.  Know what your standards are when running your business.  Are you going to sell out?  How much will you take for your lowest bid?  $2 million?  Write it down.  Now, learn to shake your head “no” until you get what you want.  Yes, it can be all about you when you’re the boss.

6.  Network. This word is in every entrepreneur’s vocabulary.  Yet, how many go above and beyond with it?  Hear about a new business that opened up in your area? Be the first to congratulate the owners and share feedback. Too often people think that others have already done so.  You’d be surprised how many people can count their contacts on one hand.  Go out and be the person that people can name on their “one hand.”  You being there now could mean all the difference later.

7.  Smile.  No one likes looking at an unhappy entrepreneur even if they have a remarkable idea.  First, create your remarkable smile.  Now, go out and DO it.  This isn’t a “to don’t” list.  Live the dream!

This post was written by Diana Wright.  She has a knack for creating wealth and great relationships.  

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