An Entrepreneur’s Tips for Stress Management

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Family responsibilities, bills, demanding jobs—life’s stress will never cease and for an entrepreneur it can be that much worse. Although working for yourself does grant certain freedoms, we as entrepreneurs do have the increased pressure of an entire business’s operations to oversee and the responsibility of managing employees, all of which can cause some major stress.

Stress is one of the biggest causes of disease, illness, and even death. Removing oneself from stress is important to not only keep yourself sane and healthy, but to keep stress from causing you to make bad business decisions. Below, I have highlighted a few strategies that I employ for managing stress—once stress levels are under control, you feel better, work more effectively, and consequently, your business benefits.


Although most office workers don’t have physically laborious jobs, you still need to recharge. Constantly sitting in a chair in the office in front of a computer screen day after day can be physically draining and exhausting, not to mention the other health problems it can lead to.

Develop a regular workout schedule- this can include any type of physical activity such as running, surfing, hitting the gym, practicing yoga, or playing golf. Non-work related physical activity can recharge your body and as an entrepreneur, you need all the energy you can get.

Taking a break by enjoying a little 18-hole round of golf.


The daily stresses of work and life can be emotionally draining as well. Dealing with tough clients, legal issues, financial challenges, or having to manage a “rouge” employee can all be very draining.  Take some time to refocus those emotions on something else—traveling, a good book, picking up a new (or former) hobby, or volunteering—whatever makes you feel good.

One of the ways I enjoy taking care of my emotional self is through volunteerism. Instead of having my mind working through my challenges, I’m forced to focus and think of others, and it feels good giving back to the community. Find something that speaks to you.  There is truth in the saying, “Perspective is everything”.  Helping out others who have it worse than you can have an amazing impact on your own emotional state.


While some may look to meditating to clear their mind, for me it’s about doing something fun and adventurous to take my mind off of work. Grab your wife and go on that second honeymoon, take the kids on a camping trip, or grab some buddies and head out for the weekend. Get away to somewhere that you love, or better yet, explore somewhere new.

Doing something fun and adventurous, or relaxing if you prefer, is a fantastic way to get your mind off of work and keep the stress levels down. Take the time to enjoy life and experience new places, different people and all the fun opportunities outside of the office. Learn how and when to sign off of email and leave the phone at home… or at least turned off.

Taking in Hawaii’s beauty while hiking with my brother in South Point

What are some of the ways you best manage stress?

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