Be a Fashion Victor – 7 Ways to Make the Right Impression

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Make a Good First Impression

As a young entrepreneur or CEO, each time you walk out the door is an opportunity to make a great impression. It’s easy to use the long hours and daily stresses as an excuse to be a fashion victim. However, the people you meet and do business with are looking for an individual who represents the total package, so it’s important to perfect an outward image that reflects positively on who you are and where you stand among your peers.

Whether you’re rubbing elbows with potential clients, lunching with power brokers, or building business relationships, follow these seven steps to ensure you always make a winning impression:

1. Do the Unexpected

In a sea of creased khakis and pretty party dresses, you’re sure to make waves in a sharp three-piece suit or vintage evening gown. In fashion, it’s all right to play the fish out of water, so long as you have the confidence to keep your cool and shine when the spotlight is squarely on you.

2. Wear Something With Meaning

Consider the act of putting together your “look” as though you are telling a tale through fashion – take the time to add a thoughtful accent to contribute to the depth of the plot. Be it enchanting antique jewelry or a hat you bought at a bazaar in Amsterdam, you’ll not only serve to enhance your visual appeal, but add dimension and intrigue to your persona.

3. Wear Quality Shoes

If you really want to know where people position themselves on fashion, start by taking a peek at what’s on their feet. By choosing your shoes like they’re the first thing that people notice instead of the last, you can transform the way you dress from head to toe while raising your station with those who are in the know.

4. Mind the Details

Paying diligence to the fine details can make you a success in business, and the same tenet holds true when getting decked to hit the town. Whether it’s shoes polished to a high shine, a tie fixed in a perfect Windsor knot, or earrings that accent the color of your eyes, it’s the little things that make lasting impressions.

5. Get a Real Haircut

Your hair is the only places where fashion actually grows, so stop wasting the opportunity you’ve been handed to make a unique statement. Like the difference between tailor-made clothing to something off the rack, stepping up to a skilled hairdresser will help you conjure a look that’s flattering to your features, asserts your sensibilities, and complements your style.

6. Be Yourself

A surefire way to fail in fashion is to step outside your comfort zone by attempting to be something you are not. Nobody loves a fashion knockoff, so take time to know who you are and what you want to say through your style, placing your best foot forward with every step along the journey to self-realization.

7. Evolve

The greatest style icons of our times – from Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna, to Elvis and Johnny Depp – were able to stay relevant and unique by continuing to push their fashion forward. The rerun is never as anticipated as the debut, so treat every event like a premier, seizing each opportunity to put on a show.

Final Thoughts

Being a fashion victor mean cultivating a style that reflects who you are both personally and professionally. By staying thoughtful, paying attention to detail, and being true to yourself, you can develop a persona that helps you achieve your goals in business and in life.

What other ways can you suggest to make a good impression with your style?

Brian Spero lives in New York City and writes about small business building, technology, and personal finance.

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