Best Practices to Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

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For most of us, juggling the demands of our career and personal life is an ongoing challenge. Achieving the elusive work-life balance can seem like an impossible feat, especially for those of us who strive to give 100 percent into everything we do. Even if you don’t have much control over the hours you work, you can focus time and energy on creating a successful balance between work and your personal life to reduce stress and increase happiness.

Recently, the job site recently released a list of the top 25 companies nationwide in terms of work-life balance determined through an in-depth content-analysis of former and current employee reviews.

Here’s a closer look at how a handful of these companies are generating unique ways to achieve work-life balance:

Think outside the box (and your board room).

Work-life balance is often determined by the time you spend at your desk versus the time you spend on yourself. Companies are now embracing this idea and infusing it into the daily work regimen. For example, the application development firm Fifth Tribe, works with collaborators over an intensive four-mile hike rather than a conference room. This strategy not only promotes thinking outside the box, but the experience of cooperatively overcoming a physical challenge builds camaraderie in a way rarely replicated in a boardroom.

Flex your time.

In today’s world, most people work for the sole fact that they need to make a living, as most of us aren’t putting in long hours at the office out of pure enjoyment. Working an 8-5 schedule everyday leaves little flexibility for other things in our lives such as dropping off/picking up the kids from school, or being present at an important family gathering. That’s why companies such as the web application firm 37signals, has put immense importance on providing a flexible work atmosphere for employees. 37signals allows employees to make their own schedules with their own times, which empowers employees to focus their energy in the most productive ways possible.

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Take adequate time off.

Vacations are a time for you to take a moment for yourself to breathe, recharge your batteries, and come back to work excited and motivated. In addition, while you’re on vacation, your employers have an excellent opportunity to see how their team operates without you there.  It makes your company appreciate your hard work more, once they understand how much time you are consistently dedicating.

Don’t be scared to put family first.

Any parent understands that raising a child (not to mention several) is a full-time job in itself that may require unplanned attention at any given point in the day. Companies such as American Express provide options for parents such as on-site daycare services and the ability to address family emergencies when they arise, having backup plans within the company to cover for employees who have a last minute family obligation. This is a great strategy for companies trying to support employees with high career and family ambitions.

Share your best practices in how to achieve a better work-life balance.

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