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Super Bowl Tactics for Online BusinessThe Super Bowl is one of the annual events in the United States that tend to take a considerable number of eyes off the internet for a while. With speculators from over 180 countries, the Super Bowl is one of such events that any good marketer must observe, not just like another viewer seeking the latest trends in entertainment, but like a marketer seeking to improve his marketing skills. And as the later, you’ve got to make use of the right opportunities and pick lessons whenever possible.

So the question is what makes the Super Bowl one of the most popular events in the US? It is simple; it is not just an avenue where teams and groups get to battle one another, it has evolved to bring virtually everybody onboard making it a converging point for peak entertaining activities. Alongside the entertainment lay various other core marketing features which can also arm a ready mind with different tactics of merchant-audience communication. Many businesses and companies devised various marketing strategies with which they want to attract and possibly retain new customers from the event. So out of all these inspiring business activities, here are a few lessons I think we should all apply in our internet businesses this year.

Understand Your Target Market

You simply have to understand your target market if you want to make the most of your marketing efforts. With a second look on how most advertisers approach their audience at the Super Bowl, it is pretty clear there are many ways to go viral. While most people prefer to be funny, before you lift this into your business, consider for a second whether it will give you the same result as they got. The result you get will depend solely on your audience; hence an in-depth understanding of your audience is required. Can they easily get moved with emotional speeches? Would they prefer spending time with some inspiring messages? Or would you just have to hit the nail on the head? A few tests will help you understand this!

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Don’t Get Caught Unawares

You must be prepared. Period! Don’t leave anything to chance. At the beginning of this year, most people defined a fresh path for their business and took the necessary, few basic steps to prepare for the New Year. For instance, as an online entrepreneur, some of the actions you might have taken could be to tune-up your pc, get rid of clutters including those in your desktop and home office, ensure active subscriptions for your protective software suites and backup services, and ensure that everything is intact or as you want them for the year. Complete preparedness is a key principle that I saw common with most of the advertisers at the Super Bowl. Looking at how prepared they are, it is hard to believe they haven’t been working on this throughout last year.

Exhaust Your Options

It is amazing how the Super Bowl advertisers, TV networks and even the NFL put every resource available to them to some use; directing viewers to visit their websites, to take part in polls and to interact on social media. And by keeping these channels highly relevant and entertaining just like the event in progress, could you imagine the success rate they may be pulling. Let this be one of the golden principles to imbibe in your business this year. Make use of all the resources available to you, take chances and seek new opportunities.

Embrace Competition

The Super Bowl is not just about the competition between two championship teams. There is also a contest for the best commercial. And in addition to these two, speculators often compare the half performances with those of the previous year. Hence from whichever angle you view this, there is a competition. Off the pitch, you may have been a witness to how competition has helped to make businesses better, products manufactured to taste and companies trying all they could to stand out. So why must you be afraid of competitions? Embrace and encourage it, instead! If there is just one thing you could do to make your business better than your competitor, go ahead and do it. Take advantage of the competition and be as better as possible.

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As the Super Bowl ends, don’t just laugh and talk about how entertaining the event was. Implement these lessons in your business this year, and see how close you may be to getting the attention the commercials at this event enjoy.

Steven is an online entrepreneur. His latest venture at, features current discount coupons to popular tech products. Connect with him on twitter @StevenPapas.

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