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Building a brand is all about getting the word out.  It doesn’t matter if you have the most fabulous product or service if nobody knows about it.  If you want more people to hear about your company you need to start telling you story as often as possible.  Make your story compelling enough and people might just tell their friends.

Start with a Problem

Great companies solve a problem in the eyes of the consumer.  The bigger you make the problem sound the better story it makes.  This is the story that consumers tell themselves every time they make a purchase  and it’s the one they tell their friends about your product or service.

Take any As Seen on TV product, most aren’t absolute necessities to everyday life, but those commercials tell a pretty good story.  Next thing you know it’s 4AM and they have you convinced that you have been having problems slicing tomatoes all your life.  Now when your friends come over, you’ll be telling them how much of a hassle slicing tomatoes was and how you could never live without it.

Tell Your Story Early and Often

Looking to do some market research on your newest business venture?  Make up your story now and tell it to as many people as possible. If the story is well received than you have a much better chance of ever making it to market.  The more people you tell the story to the better–get feedback, learn how to answer tough questions, perfect your pitch and practice persuading those in doubt.

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The more people you tell your story to the better chance it has at spreading.  You never know who you’ll meet when you are out planting seeds.  Each person you talk to has the potential to introduce you to someone, or tell your story to a friend.  Every seed you plant has the ability to help spread that story.

You’ll Never Get Discovered Hiding in your Basement

Want to meet your significant other? Get out there.  Want to make a name for yourself? Get out there.  In the old days, celebrity entrepreneurs were the only ones to launch a brand around their stardom.  They controlled the big stage and because they had thousands of followers to tell their story to.  Today, everyday people are launching brands easier than ever, growing their followings online and telling their story over and over.  Better yet, this story has the ability to spread with the click of a button via social media.

Steal these Strategies to Tell Your Story

Start a blog: write good content and people will read.  Write really good content and it’ll go viral.

Network on Twitter: every person you connect with on Twitter has the chance to hear your story. Tell it in 140 characters.

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