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Business AccountingWhen it comes to running a successful business, it is essential to make sure all your bases are covered, that your finances are recorded and kept in check. As a small business owner, you’d be surprised by how many financial institutions are willing to offer their services. While many of them do charge a small fee, investing in small business accounting will give you the momentum you need to rise to success.


Because life has gone largely digital, much of your business accounting can be done using software programs such as NetSuite and Sage. Both NetSuite and Sage offer free pricing and demos online, which makes it easier to get started right away. When you use business accounting software, you have the ability to do everything yourself.

Savings Accounts

When you run a business, it is also important to have some money saved up. Equipment fails, the economy tanks, and funds often dry up. That’s why it is so important to have a business savings account. Business savings accounts are relatively easy to obtain. Some business savings accounts are free to open and often require no minimum balance. Others can be opened for one dollar.

Other business savings accounts require a minimum of $500.00 to $10,000.00. These are the exceptions to the rule, but there are savings accounts that require large deposits, simply because they are offered by high profile companies. Discover and Union Bank seem to have some of the highest initial deposit requirements. Interest rates for business accounts are generally low, often hovering at around 0.25 to one percent. One percent seems to be the highest interest amount you can earn on a business savings account. Business accounting as a whole is currently suffering, due to increasing financial burdens on the US economy.

Venture Capital Loans

If you own a large company that is growing in success, it is a good idea to look into venture capital loans. Venture capital loans were designed for companies that have the potential to earn $25 million within their first five years of operation. Venture capital loans are unique, because the funds made available are there exclusively for a company to grow its business. Though they are expensive, venture capital loans are a worthwhile investment for business owners who know they are poised for success. These companies have something great to offer—something that will be of value to millions of people, not just a few individuals.

Venture capital is having a great effect on businesses, allowing many businesses to prosper. Venture capital experts now say that it is important for the United States to work with countries in Latin America. It is especially important for Florida to interact with and take advantage of what Latin America has to offer the US in terms of venture capital, said Mark Heesen of the Florida Technology Journal. There is not as much competition in Florida as there is in high profile cities, such as Boston. Experts recommend investing in IT technologies and healthcare. The two go hand in hand, and these are areas that many venture capital companies are tapping into these areas.

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