Get Up Early And Get That Worm!

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Early Morning EntrepreneurAccording to Yahoo! Finance, getting up early was the ONE common trait among all 17 successful CEOs surveyed. They say the early bird gets the worm.  BUT how do we become the early bird? How do you push your body out of bed when all you want to do is hit the snooze button?

The MORNING is an entrepreneur’s dream time. No one is emailing you, your phone is in the other room, the air is crisp, and the options are limitless. Do you write a new blog post, hit the gym, or maybe even read that book you have been dying to dig into?  If you’re like me I do a little combo including gym, reading, journaling, and praying. If you’re guilty of hitting the snooze aka you keep saying you want to get up but have yet to actually do it… here are a few reasons why you really SHOULD.

1. Time alone

When was the last time you looked around and felt the absence of people? Is your mind clouded with the thoughts and voices of others? Wake up early and you will find peace and tranquility. YOUR thoughts and ideas will actually be able to come alive.

2. Exercise

Umm.. Every one tells you this over and over .. but coming from a former “I hate to work out” I’M PERSONALLY telling you how important it is. I now get up at 6 am every morning and work out for at least 30 minutes.  Not only do I feel awesome but I am taking care of myself which allows me to take better care of my clients and family.


What is this “worm” everyone speaks of? Whatever you are going after is your “worm”.  If you decide you want 5 clients then you use your time in the morning to send them emails before any one else even has a chance to get to them. If you want to feel less stressed your “worm” is practicing yoga or praying before the day begins.  If you head into the day stressed trust me the day isn’t going to de-stress you!

4. Start with inspiration

Throw something incredible at your mind first thing when you wake up. Whether it is an inspirational story or even reading positive affirmations. Your mind is now is functioning in a positive state instead of a negative, I am dreading work attitude.

GREAT GREAT.  These are all awesome ideas explaining WHY I should get up, but HOW do I do it?

1. Plan on waking up 15 minutes earlier each day

If you sleep until 8am make it your goal to get up at 7:45am the next day and each day after 15 minutes earlier. Before you know it you will be popping out of bed at 6am with no problem.

2. Reward yourself

If you love coffee in the morning tell yourself you can only have a cup if you are up by your set goal time.  C’mon no one is going to pass up their cup of coffee just for a little extra sleep. (Although a few times it was tempting)

3. Wake up to something you enjoy

If you wake up knowing you don’t have to rush into the day or do a task you dread it will be a lot easier to get out of bed.  Let yourself sit and read for the first 20 minutes you are up, or even make a gourmet breakfast for yourself. After you have done something you enjoy then move into that task you dread….like working out or taking care of daily tasks.

YOU CAN DO IT. I see the morning person behind those tired eyes of yours. I see your hand reaching for the alarm only to pull it back and rip the covers off. The day is yours. Lets be honest, until this point you and morning didn’t quite mix. Starting tomorrow I challenge you to be the entrepreneur I know you are. Take on the morning with vigor and purpose!

WHAT ARE YOUR MORNING PLANS? DO YOU HAVE OTHER TIPS? Leave a comment and let us encourage each other to get the worm!

Joshua R. Schneider is the CEO and founder of Prime3Coaching (, taking businesses and individuals to their #NEXTLEVEL.  Through coaching, training, and reality speaking, Josh is creating a #NEXTLEVEL generation.  His passion was derived from his own discontentment.  He despised his first job as an accountant and chose to go after what he truly desired. Gone are the days of just going to work, performing and going home.  The #NEXTLEVEL generation doesn’t just crush it at work; they’ve discovered the need to go to work on themselves too. 

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