Top 5 Businesses to Start in Your Community

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Small town communities are a little different than those of big cities. That is because they have a more niche, concentrated, and specialized market that is often self-sustaining. However, it can also be a challenge due to factors like a smaller population, supply lines, and cost. But, if you are someone who lives in a small town, then great opportunities exist for a business to start in your community, especially if you are an up-and-coming entrepreneur.

Starting a business requires a lot of research and work to make sure it is successful. It’s best to start in your own community and look at the markets there for what people need. Also, depending on what kind of business you do, you may also want to pay attention to the weather and geography, as rural life can often be unpredictable.

As for what makes for a good business idea, that is up to you. However, it is best to find something that the community will benefit from. Below are five business ideas that can be a huge hit wherever you live.


A place to eat is an easy-sounding idea, but it also requires a lot of research to see if the town wants it. If it is anything like the small towns of the Midwest, then those communities will be wanting a new restaurant. Some of these towns have just two or three places to grab a bite to eat. Researching those restaurants to see what they do right is very helpful along with speaking to customers about what foods they like and what they want in their town.

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Many times, people of these towns have to drive thirty minutes to an hour for a restaurant. Having that in their home town will make it a popular site. What also helps for these restaurants are if they are in farming towns. Being able to get fresh produce and meats from local farms is a great way to get supply chains, make new friends, and help the community out by supporting one another.


A handyman is a key role in a community. The term handyman is a bit broad here. Yet, it refers to services such as plumbers, electricians, and other similar jobs. These are always in demand in small communities.

There are many bonuses to this kind of work. For starters, if you enjoy working with your hands then going to a technical school would be beneficial. Afterward, you can begin your own service and start out by helping friends and family. Then, they can recommend you to other people within the community or even outside of it. You are also usually able to set your own rates and schedule, thus making this a job where you are your own boss and needed in the community.


Working with pets is another great way for a business to start in your community. Luckily, there are also many job ideas that you can do with everyone’s favorite four-legged friends.

For instance, one can be a pet-sitter for when people are out of town. Or, one can have a dog-walking or pet-grooming business. Heck, depending on the community, you could even have a pet store or shelter. Be sure to ask pet owners in your community about what they would like for their pets, this can help you narrow down the ideas.

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But remember, pets are living creatures just like humans. Oftentimes, pets are seen as family members, so be sure you have all the right qualifications to be taking care of animals, they can be a big responsibility depending on species, breed, and any special care that they require.


Research your community and see what the demands are that the town needs. Look at demographics, trends, and what happens in the town during the year. This helps with understanding and identifying just what the town needs.

There are such a wide variety of stores to use that can be so beneficial not to just your community, but to nearby ones as well. So consider stores like drug or grocery stores. Or if you want something a little different, go for a liquor store or something a bit more niche.


Whether it’s a small town or a more tourist-like destination, an antique store is always an interesting place. Shows like Pawn Stars and American Pickers have made it more popular and home improvement shows also like to show off old antiques and make them nice again.

If you live in a small town, chances are there are a lot of old houses and farms around. Many of these places probably also have a lot of antiques sitting around.

Get the citizens of your community to donate whatever old antiques they don’t want anymore, then, you can fix it up and start a business in your community.

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