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Young Founder: Should You Drop Out or Stay in School?

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship Startup Advice / June 17, 2022
dropping out of school

As a young entrepreneur, it can be difficult to make decisions about your future. Should you drop out of school to start your own company or stay in school and hope for the best? However, dropping out of school may mean that you’re missing out on valuable education and experience that you could have obtained if you had continued with your educational journey. This decision can have a…

6 Methods for Efficient Employee Training

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Startup Advice / June 15, 2022
employee training

Efficient employee training is crucial for the success of your business. How you educate your employees speaks volumes of how serious you take your business operation as a whole. There are many ways to implement efficient employee training. While some swear by the traditional methods, others believe they are outdated and lean more towards kinesthetic and technology-based learning. Not providing your employees with proper training can result in…

Meaningful Ways to Mark Employee Anniversaries

by / ⠀Startup Advice / June 14, 2022

An employee anniversary is an important occasion — for employees and employers alike. When another year of employment passes, employees tend to reflect on their recent accomplishments. Along with this, they reflect on the fulfillment they feel in their current position. If they find themselves not satisfied by their responsibilities, their pay, the appreciation they receive, or any other element of their current role, they will likely disengage.…

7 Ways to Become a Better Leader

by / ⠀Career Advice Startup Advice / June 13, 2022
better leader

Plenty of leaders exist in the world. However, what does it take to be an influential leader? Leadership is a fundamental skill that all entrepreneurs must learn in order to be successful. It not only allows you to build a powerful business but also allows you to motivate and inspire others.  While there are many different styles of leadership, the most effective leaders share some common traits. Here…

Fad Meaning: How to Avoid in Business

by / ⠀Startup Advice / June 13, 2022

What is fad meaning? Fad is another word for trend. However, different from a trend, a fad usually drys out into nothing while a trend turns into mainstream culture. In business, one of the things in the web world that you will notice is the theme of the latest “technology trends”. In 2012, the hot trends were photo sharing applications like Instagram. Trends are very cool because the…

Why is Gen Z Sensitive, and How to Prepare

by / ⠀Startup Advice / June 13, 2022

By now, marketers understand that members of Generation Z aren’t just younger Millennials. The latest generation to join the workforce has its own unique preferences, and brands that fail to acknowledge those differences will struggle to connect. Why is Gen Z sensitive?  Research from McKinsey found that Gen Zers prioritize individuality more than their older peers. They don’t see differences between the people they meet online and the…

Gary Vaynerchuk Net Worth, and How I Met Him

by / ⠀Startup Advice / June 12, 2022

Gary Vaynerchuk net worth is estimated at around 160 million. Here is how a young entrepreneur met him, and showed him what it means to hustle. Who is Gary Vaynerchuk and Net Worth Gary Vaynerchuk is a guy who knows what it means to hustle, and I really look up to him as an entrepreneur. Since starting Connect for a Cause, I knew I wanted him as an advisor but…

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