15 Ways a CEO Can Support a Marketing Team

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A CEO can't possibly be aware of every project and effort performed by every team inside a business...but those teams still need CEO support.

A CEO can’t possibly be aware of every project and effort performed by every team inside a business…but those teams still need CEO support.

In many cases, the CEO’s engagement with a team may have a significant influence and speed up outcomes. One of these is marketing. When building a good marketing plan, a CEO’s awareness, input, and involvement are vital factors.

Involve the team in all major issues.

Ask often, “Has marketing been consulted?” This may assist a marketing team in evolving from a “short-order cook” to a strategic business partner, especially in a high-growth, mature organization. Nothing matters until it reaches a customer or prospect, and marketing owns that delivery and experience.

Fully support your marketing team in public.

Everyone believes they can do marketing. It lacks the rigor and intricacy of law or finance. For this reason, marketing requires full public support from the CEO, who must back the marketing team’s decisions and build the CMO’s image as a strategic partner with creative and technical expertise.

Brief the team on the overall strategy.

The CEO must convey the overarching plan and direction to the marketing staff. Close communication keeps the eventual aim in view. It’s also critical that the CEO step aside while the marketing team designs the strategy and techniques to achieve the common objective.

 Make yourself a social media megaphone.

Every CEO should be active on social media, posting messages and communicating with their network. Following the CEO’s example, additional staff will join the marketing team as effective brand advocates.

Practice media interviewing.

CEOs who prepare for media interviews may help their brands significantly. Never wing a press interview. Speak in a manner that guarantees your quotations are included in the article. Spin great tales. Speaking to the media is unlike talking to any other group. Enrich your company’s and goods’ voices by embracing the process.

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Align budgets and resources with goals.

Under-resourcing typically causes a large gap between CEO expectations and marketing’s ability to execute. When faced with limited funds, engage with the marketing team. If they identify techniques that maximize return on investment, then prepare to cut initiatives that don’t align with your goals.

Keep the brand’s promise.

Living the brand tells workers and external audiences that you appreciate the marketing team. We know that a strong brand helps generate demand. Therefore top-down buy-in helps create the brand both within and outside your organization to maximize marketing efforts.

Be your company’s face.

Writing thought leadership articles that define your organization’s goal for the public and your consumers must help you become a great brand ambassador.

Believe in your marketing team.

Trust the marketing team’s judgments and suggestions instead of hiring outside experts. Disagreeing with marketing strategies or message is an easy way to disconnect a creative team.

Invest in your team’s technology.

Investment in marketing technology is one of the finest ways a CEO can help marketing. Identifying and reaching the target audience, delivering the message, and measuring campaign success are all tasks that require good technology. Optimal growth requires the correct technologies.

Understand the difference between generalists and specialists.

Identify generalists and specialists, then trust the specialists. A CEO usually becomes a leader by understanding what they don’t know as they ought. From there, accept that you don’t need to be a marketing specialist to have a great marketing team.

Don’t fear failure.

Marketing professionals will be more productive and creative if their CEO fosters an open, learning, problem-solving, and innovative culture. Boundaries will be pushed, performance goals achieved, and respect gained inside the company. Don’t get rattled with changing perspectives.

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 Use your network.

CEOs often have one of the strongest networks. Become a social media ambassador and use your network to help promote a brand. Let your marketing team set social media objectives to promote your brand.

Instead of doubting your team, empower it.

Learn about the marketing campaigns your team is implementing, address any issues early on, and empower your team to execute and deliver. Doubts along the way might cause trust difficulties that are difficult to fix afterward.

 Let marketing sit at the table.

The phrase “marketing” may elicit varying interpretations. Marketing is often seen as the “make it pretty” crew, but it’s more. A CEO who understands this will include marketing in strategy discussions and overall growth. Marketing is vital in every growing company.

Make it so!

One picture is worth a thousand words. But what is one brand worth? Your brand. What is it worth to you? Keep it real. And keep it transparent. Let others know you take pride in it. Then you can make it anything you want.

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