Challenges in SEO Business: Interview with SeoProfy’s Founder

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Challenges in SEO Business

The SEO industry is constantly changing, making it challenging for businesses to keep up with the latest trends. SEO is a challenging field, and success requires a combination of knowledge, creativity, and resilience. To understand the problems and victories of the SEO industry, we talked to Victor Karpenko, an expert in the field and the founder of SeoProfy.

Viktor transformed SeoProfy into a professional agency that approaches SEO from every possible angle. It is a company with almost 200 professionals who specialize in different aspects of SEO, ranging from strategic link building and content creation to meticulous technical optimizations.

In this interview, Victor Karpenko from SeoProfy shares the difficulties SEO experts face, the future of the SEO industry, and the approaches that help SeoProfy stay ahead of the SEO business game.

Q: Victor, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Let’s jump right in. The world of SEO is constantly evolving, presenting new challenges for businesses trying to stay on top. What would you say are some of the biggest hurdles companies face in today’s SEO landscape?

Victor Karpenko: Absolutely. SEO is an ever-changing digital marketing industry, so the rules and strategies constantly evolve. The problem of algorithm updates is one of the main difficulties for businesses associated with Google. These updates typically affect rankings, and if a website does not adjust its strategy, it can result in a loss of organic traffic.

Another significant obstacle is the growing competition. Competing for keywords is more challenging today than ever due to the increasing number of companies focusing on search engine visibility. This requires an integrated approach that is not based solely on keyword optimization techniques. When hiring an SEO agency, it’s crucial to ensure they understand this and prioritize strategies that go beyond just keywords to consider user intent and holistic website optimization.

Challenges in SEO Business

Q: That’s a great point. Can you elaborate on how SeoProfy helps businesses overcome these challenges?

Victor Karpenko: At SeoProfy, we take a comprehensive approach to SEO. First, we thoroughly analyze the client’s website and target audience. This allows us to assess their needs and determine how our strategy can better meet their objectives.

Our team also monitors the algorithm updates and the trends in the industry. This ensures we can adjust the strategy as needed to maintain optimal visibility.

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Yet SEO is more than just technical proficiency. We realize the need to produce engaging content that reaches the client’s audience and actually adds value.

Q: You mentioned the importance of high-quality content. Can you share an example of how content marketing can be used to address an unusual or specific product or service?

Victor Karpenko: Absolutely! Let us consider a rather peculiar case — selling a high-performance vacuum cleaner that costs around $12,000. In some ways, developing SEO content for such a specific item might appear to be rather challenging. Still, in our case, with proper creative thinking, it is possible to create a content strategy that will draw potential customers indirectly.

For instance, we could create content targeting individuals interested in starting their car detailing business. This content might include guides on equipment selection, business setup, and marketing strategies. Within this content, we can strategically highlight the benefits of using our client’s product as the best tool on the market for car detailing.

Furthermore, we could create additional content focused on financing options for car detailing equipment specifically tailored to the vacuum cleaner’s price range. This comprehensive approach addresses the user’s overall needs — starting a car detailing business — while subtly positioning our client’s product as the ultimate solution within that niche.

Q: That’s a clever strategy! It seems SeoProfy prioritizes a data-driven approach. Can you elaborate on the role of data in your SEO process?

Victor Karpenko: Data is absolutely crucial for proper SEO. It’s like driving at night with a blindfold on; somehow, you will get there, but it will take you forever. SeoProfy uses several KPIs to improve campaign performance and find problem areas.

This can be any traffic-related data, such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, conversions, or user behavior. Looking at this information will help us improve what we are doing and determine what we are not doing right. This enables one to have a more precise strategy, enhance content, and make data-driven decisions that will definitely benefit the client.

Q: Now that you have years of experience in the SEO business, what lessons have you learned?

Victor Karpenko: An important lesson is the ability to bounce back. SEO is very dynamic, and there are many challenges that you will face, so you should try your best to maintain a growth mindset. Another lesson is the necessity of creating a well-trained staff. I have already said that competent staff will influence your success. Finally, the last tip is never to forego the importance of data. Regular collection and assessment of data is essential in making the best decisions which may be beneficial.

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Q: What are some current trends or challenges in the SEO industry that businesses should be aware of?

Victor Karpenko: One major trend is the increasing importance of voice search. As smart speakers and voice-activated assistants become more popular, it’s important to make sure your site is optimized for voice search. This means focusing on natural language queries and providing concise, direct answers. Another challenge is dealing with the constant updates to search engine algorithms. Staying adaptable and continuously testing and refining strategies are key to maintaining and improving search rankings.

Q: How do you approach algorithm updates at SeoProfy?

Victor Karpenko: We approach algorithm updates proactively by constantly monitoring changes and analyzing their impact on our clients’ sites. We also participate in industry forums and discussions to stay informed about the latest trends and insights. When an update occurs, we quickly assess its effects and adjust our strategies accordingly. This might involve tweaking content, updating technical elements, or revising our link-building approach.

Q: Let’s discuss the place and significance of technical SEO in the modern world.

Victor Karpenko: Technical SEO has become one of today’s most critical elements. Google and other search engines are getting better at evaluating many factors, so a website’s technical health is important. This involves improving site speed, ensuring sites are mobile-friendly, fixing crawl errors, and employing structured data. A technically optimized site reduces the frustration users may experience and helps search engines understand your content better.

Q: What about mobile optimization for SEO?

Victor Karpenko: Optimizing the site for mobile use is essential. More users are accessing the internet through smartphones, so Google and other search engines prefer sites that render well on these devices. This includes a design that works well on mobile devices, quick page loading times, and site navigation. Mobile SEO is one of the most important tactics, as a poor mobile experience helps bounce rates and lowers rankings.

Q: You mentioned some common misconceptions those new to SEO might have. Can you elaborate on that and perhaps share some advice for those starting in the field?

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Victor Karpenko: A popular myth is that SEO is a fast way to increase traffic. However, it is hard to achieve sustainable SEO success because it takes time, effort, and regular optimization. Some novices have unrealistic expectations that they will achieve results immediately, and when this does not happen, they are often disappointed.

I advise those dipping their toes in the SEO world to be patient, stay persistent, and welcome the learning process. Do not be afraid to deviate from standards and make mistakes. Each time you fail to achieve your goal, you learn something new that you can use in the future. SEO is constantly changing, so it is vital to continue learning.

Another misconception is overdependence on SEO tools. While several tools may assist in automating and collecting data, they do not replace human knowledge. An SEO professional can help understand the data, determine the next course of action based on it, and respond to algorithm updates. The most effective tools are those in the hands of experts who know how to use them.

Challenges in SEO Business

Q: Finally, what are the major trends and developments that will define SEO in the coming years?

Victor Karpenko: The future of SEO is about user experience and relevance. Google’s algorithm is becoming stricter and focuses more on user engagement, time spent on a site, and its quality in general. The new algorithm prioritizes websites that offer valuable and readable information for the target audience.

Additionally, more consumers are using voice search as a search tool. SEO practices will need to be adjusted to accommodate different voice searches and try to include longer-tail keywords and voice-oriented phrasing.

Moreover, artificial intelligence is also expected to become more important in SEO. AI may enhance content, conduct competitive analysis, and deliver personalized search results. The effective use of AI in businesses will help maintain and even improve a company’s position in the rapidly changing world of SEO.

Q: Victor, thank you for your valuable insights and expertise.  This has been a very informative conversation.

Victor Karpenko: Thank you for having me. It’s been a pleasure discussing the challenges and opportunities in the world of SEO.

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