Mobile devices streamline genealogical research

by / ⠀News / June 7, 2024
"Genealogical Mobile Devices"

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are emerging as vital tools for those tracing their family roots. Loaded with various apps and related software, they facilitate the collection, storage, and analysis of family history.

From downloading historical records to building detailed family trees and connecting with others conducting similar research, the task has never been easier. Plus, many of these tools have sharing features, meaning your findings can be viewed by family members or other enthusiasts.

Among the valuable tools available is Google’s PhotoScan, an app that users employ to take multiple pictures of a single image which it then combines to remove glare and enhance quality. This is particularly beneficial when working with older artifacts like faded prints or tintypes.

Yet, it’s not just about online resources. There is still a wealth of information that can only be accessed physically at places such as libraries, archives, or graveyards. Just because you can do a lot of your research from home doesn’t mean you should overlook these other resources.

Optimizing genealogical research with mobile tech

That being said, mobile devices still have a role to play even when you’re engaging in physical research. Handy tools like Google Lens and Apple’s Translate function can help decipher text from historical documents or gravesites. Software like Adobe Scan or Microsoft Office Lens, which uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, turns images of text into editable and searchable data.

Augmented reality apps, such as Google’s ARCore or Apple’s ARKit, further enhance the research experience. They overlay historical information and visual aids onto the physical environment, providing a unique learning experience.

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Mobile devices have indeed revolutionized genealogical research. Not only do they streamline the process, but they also demystify the often daunting task of tracing our genetic history. With advancements in technology, the intimidating prospect of researching your family tree has been transformed into a memorable and insightful journey.

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