The Coolest Coworking Spaces in the World

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Imagine a space where entrepreneurs can work, create and design in a peaceful, modern environment full of like-minded individuals. These are called Coworking spaces, and they’re on a dramatic rise throughout the Western world. They provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to rub shoulders with others in their niche, in an environment that encourages productivity. Here we look at some of the best Coworking Spaces out there.

1. Fueled Collective in New York City, NY

Fueled Collective, a gathering of some of New York’s best tech startups, provides the most beautiful views of lower Manhattan. Of course, it’s the inside of the offices that wins constant mention on blogs. There’s ping pong, a candy wall, leather couches everywhere, a popcorn machine, an ice cream cart, an upright piano, and even a wardrobe that leads to a conference room (no lions, though).

The motif is 19th century England, so prepare to see top hats, shelves of whiskey (which aren’t just for show), reclaimed furniture, and vintage décor. Mason jars are found everywhere from the snack area, to the coffee station, and chess is played amongst colleagues in the communal space. Perhaps the best part of the Fueled Collective is a balcony view of Foursquare’s NYC headquarters.

2.  Paragraph in New York City, NY

Paragraph, close to Union Square New York City, is a writer’s haven. Built by writers for writers, it uses the philosophy that to write to your best you need a comfortable, quiet space away from all the hustle and bustle of city life.

The space occupies the top floor of a three-story building on 14th Street and is divided into two main sections, one just for writing and the other a lounge/kitchen area. There are 38 partitioned private desks and also private working rooms. A couch and soft furnishings in front of the cozy fireplace offer a unique place to relax and help relieve writers block. Heading up the spiral staircase will lead you to a balcony where you’ll find a mini library and comfortable chairs.

The soundproofed kitchen and lounge area provides free coffee and the entire space is served by high-speed Wi-Fi.

The space has a very “homely” feel to it. Hardwood floors, rugs and a modern luxurious interior create a very peaceful yet professional space to get that all important writing done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

3. Coffee & Power in San Francisco, CA

Located in downtown San Francisco, Coffee & Power was set up to provide a casual but professional workspace for entrepreneurs and developers. Free Coffee, Wi-Fi and printing services are a bonus, and the most striking aspect of this space is the large windows which create a bright, airy environment, and with ample window seating you won’t feel cooped up like you can in some dark coffee houses.

There are larger tables for group work and a couch if you prefer to lounge, but perhaps the best thing about this coworking space is that it’s free. Well, almost! You don’t have to pay a penny for membership or in daily fees, but you do have to work a bit for your free access. You’re simply required to be active in the Space’s online exchanges for services, a similar fashion to that of Task Rabbit. So in return for helping others, you’re allowed to work absolutely free in their space.

With “a zillion” easily accessible power outlets you won’t need to worry about dwindling battery life, and the friendly crowd will help create that relaxed atmosphere needed in order to work at the peak of your ability.

4.   Canvas in Washington, DC

The 6000 square-foot Canvas coworking space is all about collaboration and community. There are no closed doors and nobody gets incubated. Canvas believes that creativity sparks from imagination, and imagination comes from collaborating with others in your surroundings.

The space isn’t just a place for work though, as it hosts community events and also transforms into an art gallery or presentation centre.

Canvas offers lots of different price plans to suit all needs, and is popular with creative types, independents, freelancers and start-ups.

5.  The Soho Collective in London, UK

Downtown Soho may not stand out as the best place to get some work done, but The Soho Collective offers a newly kitted out, stylish coworking space (which doesn’t lose any of it’s friendliness) slap bang in the heart of the West End of London, with great views over the infamous Old Compton Street.

Having a modern, stylish interior design attracts a certain type of Coworker to The Soho Collective, including folk in design, journalism, PR and events – either freelancers or from small companies.

With a bar and roof terrace people can find it hard to leave, so their daily, weekly or monthly pricing structure might come in handy! Some of the perks of getting the Monthly Platinum package include your own key, DVD library and personal postal address.

6.  The Workbench in Sydney, Australia

The Workbench, located in the trendy Ultimo area of Sydney is a unique coworking environment, which, according to their website “isn’t about sharing desks and offices [but] about bringing together Sydney’s creative community and getting things done.”

Workbench is a casual but professional coworking space, which is fitted out with ergonomic desks and a Memphis Red workbench running the length of the room. There’s also a desk at a suitable height if you’d prefer to stand whilst you create, and there are also beanbags and sofas next to the window for those who wish to chill.

Super-fast wireless is available throughout and there’s even gigabit Ethernet if you’d prefer to use wires.

Written by Fueled, the premier agency for iPhone app design and Android app development in New York City.

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