You Were Created To Do Something: Claim it and Shine

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be yourself

“Claim it and shine.  Leverage is what makes you different.”

-Lauren Maillan Bias, The Path Redefined

Whether it is a particular business, a witty invention, or a social media enterprise; there is something that can only be done in a way that only you can do it. There are billions of people walking the planet, yet no one else has your fingerprint.  Literally, on the tips of our fingers we have our own unique imprint etched inside of us. This innate uniqueness that no one else can claim should translate into every area of what we touch, possess and build.  Everyone is searching for the keys to success outside of themselves, when quite possibly the solution to creating, marketing and revolutionizing yourself and your business is right at the touch of your fingertips. In a social media driven society of protocol, we must all keep in mind that it is okay to seek out your own life purpose and merge that realization with your business and brand. How are you going to break the mold?

When speaking with Under30 Serial Entrepreneur Lauren Maillan Bias who happens to be: the CEO of Luxury Market Branding, Founding Partner of Gen Y Capital Partners, Investor, Mom and author of the new book The Path Redefined, she confirmed many of the topics discussed below on how to merge your purpose and your brand or business.

Always be a unicorn.

Your identity is a stamp given to you from birth. It should be the same way in your business.  In your pursuit of success for your business and in life, resist the urge to reshape your true persona and essence to accommodate the status quo. The very thing that you erase about your own unique identity, may be the very invention, paradigm or business that the world may need.

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Learn to leverage your own unique characteristics and market them to your advantage.

One of the greatest advantages of social media today is the ability to define yourself on your own terms.  Perception is reality. Marketing has changed. You no longer need a multi-million dollar budget to launch a brand, product or media campaign. Taking ownership of your unique characteristics, and putting them out there for the world to see will attract your audience to you. In a sea of monotony, authenticity shines bright.  Own your eccentricity and embrace your idiosyncrasies.

Stay focused on the purpose behind building your business and brand.

Be definitive in what your long term goals are.  Keeping laser sharp focus on your long term plans, will help you to keep going when setbacks, disappointments and life changes occur. When the central focus of building your brand or business is to get rich, you open yourself up for disappointment and burn out. It is the deliberate decisions that you make and your purpose that should propel you towards your long term goals.

Rules are meant to be broken.

Most rules are created to keep people, their minds and societies in place. Without the breaking of rules, advancement can’t take place. If when laying the foundation to your own personal brand and business, you ascribe to every rule that is already set in place, you may run the risk of never achieving something that is extraordinary.

Be self aware and embrace your headline.

Know your pitch. If you don’t know what it is that you are selling, no one else is going to buy it either. Take the time to really evaluate who you are, the vision behind your actions, and what it really is that you want to do with your business and brand.

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