Creating a Compelling Company Vision With Dr. John Demartini

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Dr John DemartiniConsidered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior Dr Demartini travels 360 days a year to countries all over the globe, sharing his research and findings in all markets and sectors.

He is the author of 40 books published in 28 different languages. He has advised for fortune 500 companies including: IBM, Shell Oil Company, ARK Financial Group, Ferrari and many more all around the world.

Working with these organizations has given him great insight as to what ingredients are essential when it comes to creating a unique and compelling vision within organizations.

“A company vision is like a road map, if companies are clear about where they are going, the people who work for the company can get clear with them. Any details you leave out of the vision is an obstacle and challenge you face on the journey. It’s congruency to the vision that inspires managers, teams and companies to greater heights.

There are two essential ingredients. It has to much the needs of the world and the values, vision and needs of the leaders in the company. If they are waking up everyday, inspired and enthused in going to work they will blast through various challenges and let nothing stop them in getting results.” Dr Demartini Explains.

Dr Demartini; they say that you can have a vision but you need people to help you build it, how important are people in the achievement of any vision?

“It all depends on the style of organization you operate. You can’t get anywhere in life without helping others achieve what they want in life. No body goes to work for the company they go to fulfill their values; so the leader has to care about the people that are working at the company to communicate the vision and job descriptions in terms of people’s values.

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By having the right people at work you attract more great people. You only need to look at Google, Facebook and other big companies to notice that people are drawn to them because of their work culture and the people within their organization.”

What advice do you have for companies who are looking to create a compelling corporate vision?

“I see too many companies hiring a marketing guy to come in and write a corporate vision but if this vision is not truly inspiring and compelling to the stockholders, employers and customers the vision will not carry out and make the impact necessary for success in business.

The vision of the company has to be in alignment to the vision of the leader or CEO because it all starts from the top, if the CEO is not inspired how will the employees and customers be inspired?”

Given that having the right people enrolled into the vision is an important element of an organizations success, what process do you recommend when hiring staff?

“There are a number of steps involved in the hiring process. What I recommend companies do is when they have narrowed it down to the last few candidates, to have:

  • the job description written down in front of them so that it is very concise
  • know what requirements are needed from the applicant
  • know what they are providing the applicant in regards to the job role
  • have the company vision clearly set out in front of them
  • and finally have the strategies and objectives of the company
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Once this is done they should go through a step by step questionnaire and ask the applicant how fulfilling the job duty is going to serve them and their vision in life.

If they can’t see how their job responsibilities are going to help them fulfill their mission they are going to be frustrated, have high over heads, they will need motivation and produce low profit margins.

If they do see a connection; then they can’t wait to go to work, they will be creative, initiative, inspired. When people can fulfill their highest values with what it is your offering; then you know you have a great match for your organization.

After completing the company should then make sure that the vision of the company is in line with the potential employee. Once people see that the responsibilities and duties of your role is going to fulfill their lives, they are on fire. You want to hire people not to just fulfill the job at hand but to have people inspired when they start”.

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