How to be Taken Seriously as a Young Entrepreneur

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young entrepreneurCEO and founder of, Jason Brian, built a company from the ground to a company that grossed $6 million in its second full year. Jason formed the Florida based startup company in 2008 at the age of 20, with less than $10,000 he saved from working at local car dealerships.

Entering the business world with nothing more than a concept and a few bucks, Jason found it troublesome to be taken seriously at the age of 20.  While most people his age are in college, enjoying the nightlife and exploring the world, Jason chose to make a name for him self by perusing his dreams through entrepreneurship.

Through the past three years and the awing growth of his company, Brian has discovered a few ways to ensure you are taken seriously as a young entrepreneur.

Tip #1: Associate yourself with people of stature/experience

Stepping into an industry full of experienced people may put you in the back of the room. Surround yourself with people of stature or those who are respected in your industry or community and quickly others will see the assumed value in your brand.

Tip #2: Learn from others

Depending on your market, it can be assumed you are not the first person to venture into this field, there are many others who have worked within your given market. Use those with experience as a learning tool and build your experience off of the likes and dislikes of others.

Tip #3: Ask a lot of questions

No question is a dumb question when it comes to building a brand. Ask everyone and anyone questions, build a wealth of knowledge in multiple channels and become your own expert within your market.

Tip #4: Take educated risks

Building a brand or business comes with risks. There are no guarantees you will succeed but if you do not take the risk you may never have the opportunity to succeed.

Tip #5: Create credibility with monumental marketing efforts

Step onto the scene with monumental moves such as loud marketing efforts, if the financial resources allow you do to so.

Tip #6: Believe in yourself/ brand

If you do not believe in your company how do you expect others to believe in it? Approach every situation and meeting with pride and showcase your business with the passion and dedication it took to build your brand.

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