Doing Well by Doing Good!

by / ⠀Startup Advice / March 26, 2022

Doing well by doing goodThere’s a reason why the most successful CEOs and entertainers and rising corporate stars all have charitable commitments.  When you consider how much help you really need to make your biggest dreams a reality, doesn’t it make sense that they’d start thinking about what they can do for others?  Even the most cynical corporate types know that they’ve been truly blessed.

What does this matter to you?

Well, it’s simple.  If, along the way to achieving everything that you’re dreaming about right now, you’re able to harness the magic of giving, you have a powerful opportunity to do so much more.  The Young & Successful realize that giving is something that all of us need to do, regardless of what we do, who we are, or what we have.  The most interesting thing about this whole concept is that doing good for others actually has more rewards for the giver than you can imagine.  And it’s amazing how many people underestimate the great powers inherent in such acts.

By volunteering with some great organizations and by helping out with charitable events, for example, you can often find yourself in situations that you’d only dreamed were possible.  All of those big powerful people who you’ve always wanted to meet are often there, trying to make a difference like you are.  Some of the most profound benefits of getting involved in charitable causes are often the ones people rarely talk about, such as:

  • Valuable experience and exposure
  • Amazing social and professional contacts
  • New, rewarding relationships
  • Greater fulfillment through contribution
  • Increased sense of value and self-worth
  • Personal recognition for you and your work
  • And often, a totally different perspective
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The very best organizations to get involved in are going to be the ones that speak to you in some personal, deeply emotional way.  However, the ones that help you truly make the most of your time, are likely to hold some other benefits as well.  To be completely practical, we do have to consider the fact that we all have a limited amount of time.  Not to mention energy and money to devote to extracurricular activities.  With that said, think about maximizing the return you get from getting involved even in non-profit and charitable activities.  Not because we want you to always be assessing what’s in it for you, but because the more fulfilled you are by your experiences, the more you’ll put into them in the first place.  And besides, what could be more beautiful that giving to a great cause that gives right back to you in an equally substantive way.  What an incredible win-win situation!

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