How a Professional Intranet Service Can Keep Your Employees Committed

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One of the best ways to keep your employees involved — and thus committed to your brand — is to invest in the intranet service you use.

We live in a time where keeping loyal employees is a struggle. Our collective need to keep the talent we have in our workforce is essential. One of the best ways to keep your employees involved — and thus committed to your brand — is to invest in the intranet service you use.

The internal internet and information service that is provided by companies like MyHub has made a significant comeback. It used to be the preserve of the big business. However, the intranet has now become one of the most widespread internal communication means for businesses of all sizes and shapes.

Here is how your business can use an intranet to ensure that you keep the employees that you have. You’ll also use it as a developmental tool to build the workforce that your business needs.

Open and Ongoing Lines of Communication

If you want your company- and enterprise-specific intranet to work at building the company brand and opening lines of communication with your workforce, the intranet must be accessible and open for all to use.

Additionally, it must be able to be accessed from anywhere with the internet. It must also be up to date and ongoing. As a result, it must be hosted by the best your company can afford. Likewise, always use software that has been proven in the field.

Honesty and Transparency

There must be a level and understanding of honesty that pervades any intranet platform offered.

The user and employee must feel that the communication is genuine. It must have as its aim improving, simplifying, or helping them in their daily life as well as in the workplace.

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It can’t simply be for brand building and for ensuring compliance and buy-in from staff. They will soon see through this for what it is. As a result, your brand will suffer amongst a workforce that feels undervalued.

Personal and Professional Development

With a commitment to honesty, it’s considerably easier to build into your intranet service a clear means of personal development, wellbeing, and staff development.

Intranet service can provide a means for staff to look for other opportunities within the organization as well as training courses and more/ Your intranet service will also serve to improve employee engagement.

Employee engagement improves. After that, it’s possible to slowly include mandatory training sessions. You can host joint discussions on products and services. Develop online focus group discussions around company processes and systems to reduce confusion and waste.

Keeps Employees in the Loop!

One of the most vital aspects of any intranet service that has made many a business take notice is its versatility.

You can use it to access marketing and communication tools at the bare minimum. It’s also ideal for offering the ability to provide ongoing and updated company news as well as wider sector news to employees.

As discussed by Simpplr the intranet news you provide for employees doesn’t get “lost in an email” or feel like it’s overly generic. Because it’s provided on an internal server and made for employees and internal stakeholders, it holds more value for the workforce.

It’s a Social Meeting Place

If your intranet service has been set up professionally and you have used the best intranet software available, then this space can be efficiently and effectively used as the water cooler, business social media network, and more.

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It can be a virtual meeting place for staff to be able to catch up with one another. They can share a bit of break time banter and, as such, create the social fabric that organizations need to be successful.

People commonly use an intranet service for interdepartmental chat and communication, keeping everyone in the business as connected as possible.

Company Calendar and Planning

If you have the appropriate software, you will be able to use the intranet service you deploy as a shared company calendar.

Many businesses allow for an employee space where they can personalize a calendar that already has the set company dates. Include items such as launches and big marketing events.

Employees can then add their own important dates, family dates, and more. This provides for a system that is popular. Employees will actually use it on a daily basis.

As employees share, they help establish a stronger company culture in these online spaces. Others have even added unit-specific Gantt charts and team birthdays. There’s also a live chat option and forums for specific business units to join.

The office intranet is an affordable means of communicating with employees, business stakeholders, and even a supply chain. It’s a great, novel way of spreading the brand message.

You can also use it to gather feedback and extend market and brand data from a wider range of stakeholders. The intranet is thus one of the best places to build and develop the workforce. You can use it to build team spirit and company culture.

Finally, it is only through the genuine buy-in to a company culture that your employees will find intrinsic motivation. This will keep them with your firm and providing the best effort they can in this process.

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