How “Dreaming Big” Helps You As An Entrepreneur

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Have you ever thought that one day your business would get to a point where it can compete with other large organizations in your field? Do you have it as an aspiration that you also are going to become one of the top CEOs in your field?

Have you ever thought that your business is going to be substantially more than it is now in the nearest future? If your answer is a yes, then you are dreaming big! “Dreaming big” serves as a resource of great ideas for your business and it motivates you to put more effort into what you are doing.

It is when you have the picture of what you want to do that you  start making plans to make it happen.

At my leisure, I’d spend time aspiring for great things to happen in my career, why? Because it supplies a whole lot of driving force for me! This is a major factor that has really helped my freelance writing business from the outset.

Here are some of the benefits you get when you “dream big”:

It gives you a constant flow of motivation

Like I mentioned earlier, dreams serve as a driving force especially when you don’t get much motivation from the people around you. Most entrepreneurs don’t get to see people that would encourage them to press on especially from the outset; because at this period they don’t really have gains yet from the business and hence they get discouraged from  people around them.

This is one factor that you have to face all by yourself as an entrepreneur, especially when you do not have anyone to encourage you; you are the only one that knows what you stand to get from what you are pursuing and hence you’ve got to give yourself a self motivation.

Makes you have passion

When you dream big, you know your aim; you know where you are going and hence you do not want to care about what it is going to cost you, all you have in mind is just “I want to get there”.  When you begin to meet challenges that seem impossible to defeat you don’t just say “I quit!”, your passion makes you fight and go through it, that is the influence of “dreaming big”.

 “Dreaming big” makes you creative

Most of the time, when you start to aspire for great things to happen in your business it pushes you to research and learn more.  You would want to know what the experts in your field knew before they became the experts you know them to be today.  While you are learning, you begin to get great ideas about the things to do in order to achieve your aim.

It’s not all about “dreaming big”, is it?

If we achieve our aims all because we “dream big”, then we shouldn’t even bother to put in any more effort. Of course we all know that it’s not enough to just dream big!

Your dreams won’t come true all because you are dreaming; it’s a lot more than that. Shiv khera once said that “Most people are good people but they can do better; most people already know what to do to improve their lives. But the question here is; why aren’t they doing it?”

One day a man asked Shiv Khera, “what is the secret to your success?”, and Shiv looked at him and answered by simply asking the man to meet him at a particular river the following day, and hence the man did as Shiv asked, then Shiv took the man by the hand toward the river and when they got to a spot in the river, he dipped the man’s head into the water without any notice and when he realized that the man was already dying, he released the man and asked him “what was the thing you needed the most when you were under the water?” the man shouted air!!! And then Shiv told him “when you need success like you need air under the water, you would achieve the success that you desire”.

But it all starts from your aspirations, your dreams, after that is the plans you have in place to make your dreams come true!

This is a guest post by Victor Ijidola, a freelance writer and blogger at; a blog designed to help prospective entrepreneurs, start-ups and established entrepreneurs who demand success in what they do. On twitter @veeblogs

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