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Around the World Hi everyone, my name is André Leonardo, I was born and raised on the Azores Islands (Portugal) and I´m a young entrepreneur.

I would like to present you my latest social project: A round the world tour reporting the most inspirational entrepreneurship stories to inspire other entrepreneurs!

I can explain…

On the 19th of November I will start a several month entrepreneurship tour alone, visit 18 countries on the 4 corners of the world and taking only a backpack and a camera in a photographic, video and written account.

In the actual socio-economic period, I believe that people are in general unmotivated and more than that, they´re tired of “pretty words” and no action.

I think it is time to show how things are really done and how it´s possible to achieve goals.

Therefore I decided to start this social project where I am to report real entrepreneurship stories in different realities and show the story behind the entrepreneur. What is his story? What´s is favorite quote and main guide in life? Did he go to university? How many doors did he have to knock? How many hours did he need to work to make his dream come true? How did he finance his project? What were the key episodes in his life? How did he planned his project and to whom did he ask for help? Where, how and why? I will travel for several months alone and contact with thousand of Entrepreneurs in such different realities like Kenya, Tanzania, India, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, USA and England – and others. I believe that be an entrepreneur it is an attitude, it is a lifestyle. This means that it could be present in all kind of realities and stories. I will report the most inspirational entrepreneurship cases and I want them to inspire entrepreneurs all over the world.

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My other reason to do it is because I want to show the world how good Portugal and Portuguese people are!

Portugal is a country of amazing and talented people who have ventured to many parts of the world over the centuries. Remember Magellan one of the greatest explorers of all time. Magellan was a Portuguese navigator that in 1519 has idealized and prepared the first circum-navigation of the human kind! Back then he had to struggle a lot to reach his dream… and as you imagine, back then he didn´t had high technology to help him!

He was visionary, fearless, persistent, ambitious and a real entrepreneur that after fighting for his dream has done one of the greatest achievements of his time! He is probably one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time!

I have also gathered a group of endorsers, sponsors and partners that I believe are part of a new generation of people, entrepreneurs and entities that are pushing Portugal forward at this critical moment.

I want to take Portugal all over the world and talk about it when I’m contacting all the hundreds of people that I’m going to contact, in all the events, meetings and programs.

I will also spend a part of my tour working as a volunteer in India, teaching entrepreneurship in schools and after this tour, I will publish a book where a percentage of the money is going to an Entrepreneurship Promotion NGO & Incubator that it is a reference in fostering the entrepreneurship activity in Portugal.

This is a social mission that is, in fact, much more than a regular project or a cool adventure. This project is about a lifestyle, solutions, heroes, contributing for a better world and understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset all over the world! I will visit several continents over the course of several months reporting the most inspiring entrepreneurship stories I can find. A blend of entrepreneurial genius, gut’s, cultural influence and of course Magellan.

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If you want to follow me on my journey, host me for an interview, have a coffee to talk about entrepreneurship or if you have an amazing story to tell, feel free to contact me, I would love to hear from you!

André Leonardo, 24 years old. I´m an optimist, an entrepreneur, a traveler, a Portuguese and a dreamer. I love living a bold life and talking about entrepreneurship and implementing ideas.

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