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Hire The Right EmployeesHow did you get you first job? Did you just apply to a news ad, or did you make it to that interview because someone referred you? I am sure that most of us chose the latter. And you will agree that we all had a connection inside that company.

When starting a business this scenario does not change at all. Creating connections will allow your project to get the right tools to start on the right foot, and therefore, help you to learn from their mistakes. Connecting with the right people from the beginning will have a great impact on what the future holds; you will be more confident on your decisions, you will make less mistakes and people will remember you with ease.  But how to know who is a good fit for us?

Background check

When starting your own business you will meet people who claim to have a vast knowledge about the industry you are about to get into. Instead of just believing everything you hear, try to do some background check, and just to confirm they are who they claim to be. They do not have to be the owners of a Multinational company, but at least they should have some grounds that support their position.

Look for experts

There are people that are exceptional on their jobs, and have a good general sense of the business. But I would not be comfortable to ask about legal forms to my accountant – I am sure you would not either. I remember when I went to a meeting and they were looking for someone to manage an apartment complex; a girl wanted to be the manager, and she claimed she fitted the profile because she had a major on Industrial engineering (and no experience on the field) – that was my face too. Look for experts on the field you need advice on, I am not saying that college does not teach you; but you learn the most on the way, and not in a classroom.

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Not all of your friends are entrepreneurs

Often when we are starting a project we start “marketing” ourselves to our friends. This is our closest circle and it is the easiest way to spread the word out about our business. But we must be careful about this, we are going to receive a lot of feedback and while most is encouraging and supporting, not everybody is going to be as passionate as you are about it.

Having the vision to start and managing a business is not as hard as some make it look. We must be cautious on what kind of influence we want to receive. When starting its common to make mistakes but if we keep getting the wrong message we are going to get stuck.

One of the most important things is: “It does not matter who you know, is who knows you, what really matters”. Make connections, but make sure that even if you are just asking for advice, you are really listening. Build a good relationship. Your connections will notice your behavior and they will be more than willing to help on the future.

Connecting with the right people will allow any entrepreneur to achieve goals, exceed expectations and also will make your business grow – Guaranteed!

Harold Reyes, CEO and founder of Chronic Group, a business development company, which provides with all the necessary tools and solutions, to all type of startups and small businesses.

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