Five Ways to Market Your Business With Social Media

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Social-Media-MarketingSocial Media – a way different media than conventional print or electronic media. It has emerged as a key point in promoting the products online, during the course of the time.

Businesses are scrambling to crack the social media code. Most businesses know social media has the power to reach millions of customers, but a lot of companies are still trying to figure out the best way to translate tweets and posts into sales. Check out these tips to improve your business with social media:

Organize interesting contests and reward freebies

Keep yourself up with the real 140-charcters-or-less world: people love free stuff. Invest a bit time to come up with a creative giveaway contest for promoting your brand and engage your social media followers. For example, a dog shelter took three pictures of dogs at different stages of the adoption process and asked followers to create a captions. The person with the most creative caption was able to adopt a puppy free of charge.

Of course, a picture of the winner with their new pet was cross-posted on all social media sites to further promote the company. The contest showed pictures of what the shelter does, engaged its clients in interesting way, and increased their seen a boost of 20% in their social media following. Be creative and cross-post the competition on all of your sites; it will certainly take your social media campaigns to new heights.

Get Connected

A blog is a great way for a company to improve its online ranking. The keys to a good blog are: continuous updates as well as social media connections. You can use Jetpack for the purpose (if you are using WordPress); it’s a very simple plugin but this pluging posts your blog updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr instantly. Be sure, that you are serving something interesting and fresh to your dediated audience. It will build trust amongst the audience; if you are posting informative content then general reader must think that your brand is aligned with the information you post on blog.

Build Up Your Own Mailing List

Ah, the power of email. Developing our own targeted email list is the first step towards developing a solid brand value. A good company will email its customers on a fairly regular basis. Whether your company creates a monthly newsletter or sends weekly coupons, there should be multiple ways for a company to reach out to its customers. Use social media to bolster your email list. For instance, you can offer 20 percent off to the first 50 customers who reply back to your newsletters/offers. Do anything you can to keep a running list of customers who are willing to contribute to your business.

Go Beyond Facebook and Twitter

After the emergence of Facebook and Twitter; lots of other social networking sites came into existence; and some of them are really nice. While Twitter and Facebook get all the glory, they aren’t the only social media gurus out there. Just as you’d diversify your business, you should diversify your social media presence. Consider checking out other platforms like Slideshare and Behance. Slideshare is a great way to share presentations. From Powerpoint shows to sales presentations, the site is easy to use and integrates with other social media sites. Behance is another image sharing network, similar to Instagram.

Create a LinkedIn company profile

Your company should have its own LinkedIn page, but be sure to spend some time creating a profile page. The more information a customer has, the better it is for building trust and brand value. This page is a great way to solicit feedback too. Plus, your customers can recommend your services to others. It’s all about reaching people through various avenues.

Apart from all these things, you should concentrate on the quality of posts which you are updating on these sites. Keep them free of spelling mistakes and concise. Try to convey your message in few words.

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