Four Online Marketing Questions You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

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We live in a world that is always changing, which keeps things interesting, but makes it difficult to stay up to date on everything. Even if you are a vigilant follower of online marketing practices, it is easy to miss one little thing and feel like you have been left in the dust. Here are the answers to five questions you may be too embarrassed to ask.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Companies who want to be found know they need to show up in search results—probably on the first page and as close to the top as possible. Search engine optimization is the process of making sure your website comes up when users search for specific keywords related to your business.

SEO involves optimizing your own website to make sure you are using the right keywords, but it also involves link building with other sites. When other websites link back to your company, you gain credibility with search engines.

Where should I host my website?

There are many different kinds of web hosting services to choose from. Web hosts provide storage, connections, and other services to keep a website accessible and running smoothly. Think about your company’s specific needs and choose something that provides the right resources.

If you are a business that specializes in ecommerce, website hosting is especially important; customers don’t just use your site to find information, they use it to buy your product. Make sure your site is easy to navigate and that your host includes options for customers to purchase items through a shopping cart or similar setup.

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Small companies may choose shared website hosting services where all the domains share the same resources. Larger businesses with heavy traffic may need a dedicated hosting service instead where each user gets their own server and has more control.

Do I need a blog?

Blogs began as casual online journals, but they are becoming more and more important as the internet grows and changes. Many major businesses and news organizations have added blogs to their internet presence and blogs are becoming an important component of online marketing strategy.

As mentioned above, showing up in search engine results is important. A well run, regularly updated blog shows search engines that your company is providing new, valuable content on a regular basis. Sites that are regularly updated are ranked higher than sites that have stayed the same since the 90’s.

Blogs are also a great place to create and showcase optimized content. Use a company blog to share advice and information that includes keywords you know users will be using when they search online. If your content is really great, users will want to share it with people they know and you will have the added benefit of organically building links.

What do I put on my business’s social media page?

You know that social media is important, but you may wonder how to use social media for your business. Your business page is probably not the place to put photos of your nephews or your backpacking trip around Europe. But what do you post on a business Facebook page or Pinterest board?

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The key to successful social media marketing is in the name—remember that people come to these sites to socialize.

Use your company’s social media pages to interact with current and future customers. Share useful advice and use hashtags to help people find your content later. Offer exclusive promotions, share infographics with helpful information, and send invitations for special events. Answer questions, create opinion polls, and respond to comments.

Keep the answers to these questions in mind as you form your online marketing strategy, and never be afraid to ask more questions. Knowledge is power, so stay informed, even if it means admitting you don’t understand something.

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