Google Plus: The “Ghost Town” that Helps Build Personal Brands

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google-traffic-falls-as-users-spend-less-time-on-site-1dcdbf18a2What If I told you Google Plus is no longer a “ghost town,” Would you believe me?

I hope so.

But don’t worry, this isn’t another how-to guide.

This post is about opening your mind to how powerful a personal brand is. Specifically, how Google Plus can help you build a personal brand that makes people actually care about what you’re doing.

How powerful is a personal brand for an entrepreneur?

With every fiber of my being, I believe a strong personal brand is the missing piece to the success puzzle. Just look at Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, even Steve Jobs. When Jobs passed away, people all over the world cried. If Apple (post jobs) tanks as a company, there will be some bummed people, but it’ll be on to the next one.

Now that’s a strong personal brand.

There’s no secret that social media is a fantastic way of building your personal brand. You can be known as a witty tech geek like Aaron Levie on Twitter. Or you can be the community moderator that fights web spam in a pirate hat. The point is, you have the power to dictate how people perceive you.

If you use the tools that are available to you.

So why Google Plus?

Each social network gives you the power to strengthen your brand. But let’s think about why people use certain networks.

  • People use Facebook to connect with friends and family. And maybe get the occasional discount.
  • People use Twitter to pass on information and have conversations in a rapid fashion.
  • People use LinkedIn as a job board as well as to make and keep business connections.
  • People use YouTube to watch funny, educational, or interesting videos.
  • People use Pinterest to collect and share ideas.
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But what about Google Plus? Why is this network that was once called a ghost town worth using?

For starters, search results are now taking into account content from the platform. The Google authorship is also changing the way people interact with search results.

That’s really important when it comes to SEO. But there’s something that’s more important. I would argue that it’s the most important thing for a brand now and in the future.


Brands can no longer avoid building relationships because that is the ROI of social media. Every interaction you have on a social network is a chance to strengthen the emotional bond between you and the end user.

Remember that.

Conversation tools are at your finger tips

Google Plus is the conversation platform.

The ability to chat with anyone via Google Hangouts or the chat feature, makes building meaningful relationships with current and potential customers easier than ever.

Now, you might be thinking…”Facebook has those features too.” But remember how people use Facebook? Unless you’re a friend or family member, not many people want to talk to a complete stranger.

But it’s different on Google Plus. In fact, it’s welcomed.

So why aren’t more personal and business brands making the effort to build relationships? Well, because it takes work. Just like any meaningful relationship does.

The brands that get that and are willing to put in the effort, are the ones that win.

I want you to do one thing

Spend some time using Google Plus. Join one community that aligns with your interest and really put in the effort to spark conversations by using the features you have access to.

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Remember, every interaction you have with someone is a chance to build your brand. Don’t ever forget that.

Jeremy Brown is the creator of Plixeo, a video curation engine for the business world. Drop by, say hi, and get your learning on!

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