Want to Have a High-Impact? 10 Habits of Great Managers

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Want to become a better leader? Learn here with a variety of tips and tricks to understand and emulate the habits of other great managers.

Being a leader can be extremely difficult. Luckily, there are many ways to improve your leadership by emulating the habits of other effective managers.

Being an employee, a manager can feel like an intimidating and expressionless machine. To a manager, they wonder if they are even liked.

But, for a manager, employees should be seen as human beings and not machines. Managers have a lot of work that…well…needs to be worked on. Hiring, firing, meetings, and more.

Below are 10 habits that manager should have to be successful.

1. Be personal.

As a manager, you must understand that employees are people and have a life. At work, be sure to ask how everyone is doing. Consequently, this creates trust and loyalty.

2. Encourage creativity.

Thinking outside the box is how we as humans got to where we are now. So…encourage creativity amongst your employees. Many will feel more like a valued member of the team if they present something creative for their project.

Creativity is also what makes things stick out. Likewise, if your business is a niche idea, then be creative with it. Customers and clients will be more interested in something familiar, but different.

3. Have a slice of humble pie.

Just because you are the boss, doesn’t mean you know everything. It’s okay to not know everything. No one does.

Plus, if you are a manager, then you actually hire smarter people who know what they are doing. Understand that you are not a know-it-all and that there is still much to learn.

4. Be an empath.

Be empathetic with your workers. These people have families, friends, and much more going on in their lives. Understand the issues they have and find ways to compromise and ensure everyone is happy.

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Showing this genuine concern shows employees that they are valued and that they are being heard. If someone’s mother or father passes away, have a heart and let them off so they have the proper time to grieve. You would want it if you were in their shoes, of course, and compassion is one of the primary habits of successful managers.

5. Keep learning.

You are never too old to keep learning. Your industry will likely change over the years. It’s best to keep learning what works and doesn’t work. Continue to keep up to date in your industry so that you can keep on being on the top of your game.

6. Understand failure.

Failure will happen whether you like it or not. And that’s okay. Instead of being angry at it or placing blame on others, learn from it.

For instance, if a big project fails, get everyone together and go through what happened. Showing open frustration and being hostile will make employees not want to work for you. Once you find the faults, you can plug those leaks and your business ship can take off once more.

7. Grow!

You are never too old to continue pursuing personal growth. Like learning, there is no shame in becoming a better person.

In this case, you are looking to become a better manager. As a result, look for opportunities that can help you move forward in your career. Things like workshops and seminars go a far way and will impress your higher-ups.

8. Don’t overwork.

While you may be a hard worker, don’t overwork yourself. You can run out of energy and motivation for the very thing you may love doing. Additionally, having that loss of interest can be picked up by your employees. As a result, try not to multitask and, for Pete’s sake, ask for help when you need it.

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9. Have fun.

We all need ways to let off steam. In the business world, you need to find that sweet spot every so often to help keep morale up in the office. Likewise, one of the best habits of managers is making sure people look forward to coming to work.

Throw holiday and birthday parties to show that you care, and you can hang out with your employees. But remember, understand the power dynamic between manager and employee.

10. Keep tabs on satisfaction.

This is the easiest one. Are you even happy as a manager? Do you want to go back down being a grunt, go up and be a boss, or go somewhere else?

Look deeper into yourself and understand if you are happy with what you do.

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