Hiring a Social Media Manager: The Do’s and Dont’s

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Hiring a social media manager can be extremely challenging. Here's how you can find a suitable candidate for your business.

There has been an exponential increase in the number of social media jobs in the past few years. Indeed, a 37% increase was noted in social media jobs between 2013 and 2014. Not only that, there has been a significant surge in demand for social media managers too. So…how do we go about hiring a social media manager?

Social media has undoubtedly opened doors to many new career prospects. But there’s a problem. While you will find plenty of material to excel in social media tactics, there isn’t much information about what makes a good social media manager.

This makes hiring difficult. What traits should you look for in a social media manager? To understand this, you first have to be clear about the responsibilities associated with the job title.

A social media manager has to manage the publishing calendar, schedule posts, curate content, engage with customers, keep an eye on networks and analyze the digital progress of the brand. Of course, there’s a lot more to the job too. Hence, hiring a suitable person is mandatory but, unfortunately, not that simple.

What should you look for in a social media manager?

A social media manager isn’t all that different from other experts.

For instance, if you need the services of a software engineer, you have to look for appropriate qualifications. You must apply the same rule to the post of social media manager, too.

Not everyone who can string sentences together can be an effective writer. And not everyone with an understanding of social media can be a manager. Here’s how you can hire the best candidate for the job.

Not everyone with an understanding of social media can be a manager.

Not everyone with an understanding of social media can be a manager.


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Deep Understanding of the Different Apps

To ensure you get a suitable social media manager, you first have to be clear about the channels you expect him or her to oversee. Typically, a social media expert will understand every social network inside out.

But the digital world is pretty extensive. While some people specialize in Instagram, others have a thorough understanding of how Facebook works. You will also find experts on Twitter. So it all comes down to your business needs.

Do you need someone who understands every platform…or is your business limited to particular social media apps? Social media manager can be a game-changer for your business if you use him to his full potential.

Focusing on Appropriate Responsibilities

All social media managers don’t handle every responsibility. Perhaps this is what makes hiring them so challenging.

You have to determine what tasks and duties you expect the manager to take over. This depends on your team’s requirements.

Perhaps you want your social media manager to manage and curate your content calendar. In this case, the manager will have to come up with a proper schedule for promotions and ensure only relevant and engaging content is posted on your page. It’s a pretty time-consuming task.

You might also expect your social media manager to establish your brand identity. He or she will have to ensure your social media presence is a reflection of your brand’s personality.

Some brands use their managers to keep an eye on social media trends and engage followers. They also bear responsibility for supporting promotional efforts and campaigns.

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If you can figure out the responsibilities you are going to entrust to the social media manager, it will be easier for you to determine what traits to look for.

Figure out the responsibilities you are going to entrust to the social media manager before you hire.

Figure out the responsibilities you are going to entrust to the social media manager before you hire.


Figure Out the Needed Skills for Your Brand

There are some skills a social media manager must have.

It’s imperative to hire someone with exceptional writing and communication skills. After all, he or she will have to write compelling marketing copies and interact with customers regularly.

You also have to look for someone with experience who understands how social media works. Customer service skills are crucial, and your manager must also have an understanding of analytics to gauge how your social media marketing campaign is faring.

Needless to say, like every other managerial post, social media manager also has to possess impressive organizational skills to ensure deadlines are met.

Full-Time vs. Freelance

Plenty of brands outsource their social media. But there are many who prefer to keep everything in-house, too.

You have to figure out what your company needs. Keep in mind that a full-time social media hire will require a larger budget. But your manager will be in the loop with your business and marketing team, making it easier to move ahead as a whole team.

How can you pick the best social media manager for your business?

Still confused about hiring a social media manager? Wondering how to get a suitable candidate for the job? Here are some ideas that can help.

  • Always ask for portfolios.
    • This will give you an idea about how the social media manager runs campaigns and the results you can expect.
  • Find out their method for analyzing social media performance.
    • Inquire about the tools they use and the algorithms they consider to determine if a particular social media campaign is working.
  • Try to figure out how the candidate would fare in a tricky situation.
    • Present them with a fictional crisis and judge how they solve it. This will give you a clear idea of critical thinking abilities.
  • Determine if they have understood your brand’s voice and identity.
    • Always go for a candidate who has done the homework well and made an effort to understand your company.
Present candidates with a fictional crisis and judge how they solve it.

Present candidates with a fictional crisis and judge how they solve it.


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Here are things to avoid in social media management.

There are some things that should always be avoided for the betterment of both parties.

  • Don’t hire someone with no understanding of every social media platform.
    • While you might be looking for specialization in a particular network, it’s best to hire a social media manager who can work their way around all apps.
  • Don’t be confused about the responsibilities of a social media manager.
    • Make it clear to candidates what you expect.
  • Don’t hire someone you have difficulty communicating with or who you feel has a different approach than your brand image.

Remember, a social media manager will be responsible for your digital identity. Therefore, it’s vital to get the hiring right.

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