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A lot of people think being a CEO is all fun. They believe CEOs lead glamorous lives filled with vacations and family time as the employees toil away. The reality couldn’t be more different. If you knew how many hours a CEO works, you would realize how demanding the job is.

Keep in mind that being a CEO is an all-consuming job. It’s not a typical 9 to 5 career. A CEO is always on the job. There’s so much that he has to do. And more often than not, he finds himself short of time. Studies have revealed that some CEOs work for nearly 9.7 hours on a weekday. Not only that, they conduct business on a lot of weekends too. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? And this is just the beginning.

The Hours a CEO Works: What You Don’t Know

Most people think that once they reach the top of the ladder, they can rest easily. How difficult can it be to be a CEO? After all, they have an entire team working for them. All they have to do is delegate tasks and give orders. This is a common perception.

But the truth is, CEOs have quite a grueling schedule. They have a lot on their plate. From meeting partners to visiting company locations and commuting, the responsibilities of a CEO are endless. Some CEOs even put in 62.5 hours a week of work!

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You might be wondering why CEOs have to work so much. Well, because all the partners want direct contact with the leading authority. Of course, they do delegate a lot of their tasks, but CEOs cannot hand off everything to others. They must spend adequate time with their partners and investors.

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At the same time, they have to ensure they are in constant touch with their team, who will provide them with the information needed to make crucial decisions. Traveling too is an integral part of a CEO’s life. No company is run only from the headquarters.

Breaking the 9-5 Working Hours Myth for CEOs

There’s hardly a CEO who works for merely 8 hours. And understandably so. It takes a lot to run a company. Elon Musk has often commented about his hectic work schedule. A lot of other celebrity entrepreneurs also have shared how they find it difficult to make time for anything other than work.

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On average, CEOs work for 39 hours a week. During this time, they have to conduct meeting in person, spend time with employees, and meet with outsiders, and so on.

Yes, it’s undoubtedly impressive when you reach the position of CEO. You take immense pride in your achievement. But you have to make sacrifices for this elite title. CEOs hardly get any free time. They struggle to plan their leisure activities and have to schedule even those things that are meant to be spontaneous.

How Do CEOs Manage Their Time?

You must be wondering this now. After all, if they work such long hours, how do they make time for everything?

Planning the Week in Advance

Usually, CEOs take some time out on weekends to plan their entire week. This helps them maintain a work-life balance and also ensures that nothing is missed.

Scheduling Meetings

While it’s imperative to schedule meetings, it’s critical to take some time to strategize about the day too. Otherwise, the meeting will be a waste of time. Therefore, CEOs ensure they have a meeting agenda in place beforehand, which helps them save valuable time.

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Additionally, most CEOs make it a point to include a buffer between consecutive meetings. This prevents them from burning out.

Not Get Entangled in Emails

Yes, you will soon find out that most CEOs avoid emails as much as possible. They prefer face-to-face interaction. This is because emails interrupt workflow and waste precious time.

Focus on the Agenda

Yes, CEOs work for long hours, and that’s because they have a lot to do. Prioritizing tasks can be challenging when there’s so much to keep track of. Therefore, CEOs keep calendars to ensure everything remains organized.

Keep Routine Responsibilities to the Minimum

CEOs hardly have time to handle all the responsibilities themselves. So, they prioritize and decide which activities are necessary and can be delegated. This enables them to plan their day more efficiently.

The Importance of Making Time for Personal Wellbeing

It’s not really surprising that many CEOs suffer from stress. They hardly have any time for themselves, and this takes a toll on their mental health. But the important thing to keep in mind is, that if you aren’t healthy, your work will ultimately suffer too. Therefore, CEOs take time out of their hectic schedules for self-care. They meditate and think of new ways to let off some steam.

Additionally, CEOs like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet make it a point to get their much-needed sleep. Indeed, they usually sleep eight hours to ensure they remain energized for the next day.

Appreciating the Working Hours and Efforts of a CEO

Usually, people believe that just because someone’s in a high position of power, he must have an easy day. But keep in mind that running a business is a pretty challenging task. And a CEO is never off duty. A lot of CEOs even remain in contact with their managers when on vacation. It’s undoubtedly an esteemed position but is also one that requires a lot from you.

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