6 Reasons Men Should Be Doing Yoga

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Why men should do yoga

Yoga is exploding in the United States.

20.4 million Americans participated in Yoga in 2012 and the number of yogis is on the rise. Not surprisingly, over 82% of these yogis are woman.

Where the men at?

For some reason western society as a whole associates yoga as a feminine activity, so many guys roll their eyes whenever a woman extends the invite to a yoga class.

Want to recruit a dude to do some yoga? Hit them with these 6 reasons men should be doing yoga.

I dare any guy to try and rationalize not going to yoga after reading this list.

1)   Pain Free

There are many more reasons to increase flexibility besides being able to touch your toes. Consistent yoga is amazing for reducing back pain. Chronic back pain is usually related to a weak core and tight hamstrings. Yoga solves both of those issues.

2)   Get Stronger

I kid you not, you can get jacked doing yoga. Have you tried doing a handstand or a crow pose? I consider myself to be pretty muscular, but I can’t hold either of these poses for more than a few seconds. I’ve noticed myself getting noticeably stronger since I took up yoga on a consistent basis.

3)   Stress Release

Life can be overwhelming at times. Many of us turn to a beer or some unhealthy food after work to unwind.

Unfortunately, those kind of activities are just temporary band aids.

On the other hand yoga provides stress release that is lasting and contributes to better overall health. I have never finished a yoga class and said to myself, awe man I wish I would’ve just had a beer.

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4)   Let Your Guard Down

There aren’t many places in society where it’s acceptable to stick your tongue out and make noises around a bunch of people while putting yourself in the most awkward positions possible.

Yoga allows you a place to chill out and not worry if you are fitting in. Everyone looks a little silly. That’s the beauty of the practice. The more free you are, the more acceptance you receive from the group and your teacher.

5)   It’s A Challenge

I am a former college football player and love a challenge. Yoga is an amazing challenge, because you cannot force yourself to be good on the first try. It’s a practice that takes time to perfect. The beauty of it is that you will see results quickly. Be it increasing flexibility, improving balance or strength.

6) Become Exotic

Want to be exotic, interesting, mysterious? Bring up your yoga practice with someone you’re meeting for the first time. It adds an extra element to your personality that leads people to think that there is more than meets the eye.

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