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by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Podcast / June 5, 2015
Scott Gerber YEC

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Hey guys, today I interview Scott Gerber , Co-founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Council.  Scott is someone I’ve known for years, and was the original “young entrepreneur blogger”.  We met back in 2008 when he was writing for Entrepreneur Magazine and starting the YEC.

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Scott is the author of “Never Get a Real Job”, a book that I had the pleasure of reviewing before it came out.  I’ve also had the chance to watch Scott grow the YEC to well over 1,000 members from the original 15 or 20 of us there were when the group started.

Gerber is a media personality, so he’s used to getting on camera and talking fast, but I really do my best to slow him down, including asking him about the birds and the bees within the first 30 seconds of our conversation… Scott clearly isn’t interested in talking about that, but as the interview progresses we really get to hear about what Scott cares about most: family, legacy, and helping other people.

I also ask him about habits of insanely successful people like our friend Jeremy Johnson who routinely makes our top 30 under 30 list and just had an IPO with his company 2U.

Scott has been around some heavy hitters in his day and has attracted a network of founders in the YEC with recognizable companies like Hootsuite, Threadless, Rent the Runway, Disqus, Grasshopper and Ustream and of course the awesome people we get to hang out at community events like Pat Ambron, John Hall, Shradha Agarwal,  and Tim Sykes.

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Scott is also a master at getting press and building relationships with the media which we touch on.  There are a lot of gems in this podcast, especially as we really get into the conversation in the later stages.

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