How to Deal with a Kick to the Nuts & What to Learn From It

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Most Interesting Man

Stay Humble My Friends.

Just when you think you are crushing it, just when you think that you have it all figured out, just when you think nobody can stop your confidence, someone serves you up a slice of humble pie…

I was pretty convinced that I have a lot of awesome stories that other entrepreneurs can learn from… Going from digging ditches in the global financial crisis, to building a full on movement of 500,000 young entrepreneurs reading Under30CEO every month, to starting a really cool travel company at Under30Experiences.

I wrote for Forbes this month. My grandma read about Under30Experiences in Sunday’s New York Times…

I even found time to do fun sh*t like drive the Oregon Trail after World Domination Summit in a bright red C-Class Benz and pickup hitchhikers.

But Is That Enough?

Mixergy‘s host Andrew Warner didn’t think it was.

So here I am, sitting in Timberline Lodge, ontop of Mount Hood with an epic backdrop, about to go on air for my Mixergy interview, ready to share my story with thousands of listeners..

This is of course after his Producer was practically drooling after a 90 minute call with me and booked me for this interview months in advance. I was ready to go.

But instead, it was a swift kick to the nuts.

Here’s what happens next…

Andrew goes on to tell me, that Under30Media isn’t quite ready for Mixergy yet.

I could have interpreted this as Andrew saying: “I exited a $30 million dollar business and have interviewed the founders of LinkedIn, Wikipedia, and Sun Microsystems… You only have a six figure business and a measly half a million monthly readers…”

Of course I wanted to think: f*ck me: Forbes and New York Times love us… screw this guy Warner.

But instead, I swallowed my pride and used the opportunity to learn…

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It turns out Andrew is actually a really gracious dude.  I listened as he spoke candidly for the next 35 minutes and got tremendously humbling advice and insights from him.  He is one of only four people in my life who have ever shot me down…  All four people are multi-millionaires.

I told Andrew that our 35 minute conversation would prove to be worth far more to me than being on his show.  We all need people like this in our life.  A little chip on the shoulder builds character.

So what can we all takeaway?

Just because you have an awesome website, a life that far exceeds most people’s craziest dreams, and inspire thousands of others, doesn’t mean that you are above being served a reality check.  Screw your ego.  Use humbling experiences to make yourself better.

Do I think I deserve to be up there with the people who have been interviewed on Mixergy? F*ck yes. Tons of people whom I consider my peers have been on Mixergy, and next time I’m at some ego-fest cocktail hour, I’m sure someone will give me a hard time about it….

I put myself out there every single day and often times I am afraid.  I worry that by writing this Under30CEO readers won’t think we’re awesome anymore.  I worry that Warner will tweet this article and haters will flock to the site and tell me I suck.  It’s not easy being this vulnerable online.  But this isn’t about me.

What I really care about is making this community better.

Andrew Warner doesn’t think that the movement at Under30CEO is strong enough.

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There are a sh*tload of 20somethings out there, who are stuck in their cubicle, hating their lives, who need to be reading Under30CEO.

If we going to lead, inspire, and educate the next generation of young professionals we are going to need your help. If you believe in our mission, help us build a stronger community that reaches millions of people, and has the best damn content on the web to make our generation successful.

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Matt Wilson is Co-founder of Under30CEO and Adventurer in Residence at Under30Experiences.

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