How To Live a More Ambitious Life with Greg Rollett

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Podcast / September 16, 2015

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What if you had a roadmap that showed you how to live differently and better yourself?

This week, we talk to Greg Rollett, a best selling author, marketing expert and the founder of, a platform created to share lifestyles and personalities of young people who are taking life into their own hands.

Greg takes us through “the perfect day” exercise, simple advice for people who feel like they are always playing catch up, and tangible steps you can take today to start living a more ambitious life.

Simply put, if you want to live differently, the first step is to act differently and we’ll show you how.

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“If you’re trying to make it perfect you’re probably missing the opportunity”

“If you want to live differently, it’s up to you to act differently”

“Don’t wait for that golden moment”

“You have the ability to do things the way that you want in your life”

“Get the right people on board for the right mission”

“It’s ok to have different interests and be ambitious in multiple fields”

“It starts with changing the amount of input you have in your life”

“Look for the people that you can look up to as successful”

“Don’t be scared if things don’t take off tomorrow”

“It is possible to do whatever you want but you have to have patience and the time to build something you believe in”

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