How to Make Sure Your Past Doesn’t Fumble Your Future

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1. Just as a dog is not wagged by its tail, your future is not dictated by your past.

Don’t: Let your past dictate your future. Whether you’ve experienced a failed business, had a rough family life, or some other glaring moment that you feel inhibits your success. It’s important to remember that those are only moments in time and remain in their place. You don’t need to carry them with you.

Do: Realize that in this moment everything is brand new; you should live in this moment. Take actions that are in line with your purpose, desires, and will lead to your intended results. You either make choices and take actions that either serve you or don’t. When you choose your actions you choose your results. Don’t cry when you make a bad one, just begin making better decisions; better decisions come from more experience.


2. Your past does not explain your present self, and you don’t need an explanation.

Don’t: Use your past to explain your present self as an excuse, you’re trying to make sense of the world to explain your present circumstances and who you are now. Whether you’re shy, lazy, lack experience, or whatever reason you’re telling yourself. You have the ability to impact your life and others, it does not come from something that no longer exists.

Do: When you wake up from a dream that felt completely real and then decide to say “it was just a dream,” you can do the same for your past. In fact, both reality and the dream felt just as real and for both you can easily say “it was just the past.” You choose the role you play in this world, not your past experiences or other people.

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3. If you don’t like your results, you can change them

Don’t: Simply rely on generalizations or past habits. What may have worked in the past may not work now and what was appropriate for one moment may not be for the next.

Do:  Adjust yourself to meet each particular moment. It’s not what you’re doing as much as the way in which you do it that matters most.There may be two lemonade stands, but one is going to make more money than the other. What’s the difference? – It’s not what they are doing, both are selling lemonade, it’s the way in which they do it.


All-In-All: It’s better to fail trying than to fail because you never attempted at all. Because if you do try and it doesn’t work out, you can change the way you’re doing it. Look at the way you’re living life and running your business. Change for the results you want, not the actions you’re stuck on.


James Wightman (@JMWightman) served as a chief editor for the #1 Amazon Bestseller – The Suitcase Entrepreneur and is also the first person in the world to present a TEDx Talk through Google Glass. 

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