How to Organize Under30CEO Meetups and Connect with Other Young Entrepreneurs

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After publishing nearly 500 articles on entrepreneurship, interviewing countless successful young people and speaking with thousands of millennials who want to take control of their future, one of the biggest challenges is the difficulty of going at it alone.  The ability to connect with others who are passionate about their business and working towards similar goals in life is an invaluable resource.  Under30CEO has utilized the API to create Under30CEO Meetups across the globe.  We are now represented on every continent except Antarctica.

Whether you are in a mega metropolis like New York City (see: Under30CEOnyc), Ha Noi, Vietnam or you are in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma you now have the power to connect with other like minded people facing the same struggles and having the same reasons to celebrate.  It’s up to you to make it happen.

Now to give you some guidance…

Hit and see if there are any meetups in your area.  If there are that’s great, sign up to go.  If you like what you see, make some friends, volunteer to help organize the next one, or schedule your own meetup.  Anyone can schedule meetups in their city, regardless if there are others scheduled. Maybe you just want to have an Under30CEO meetup about social media, or marketing or just want to connect with people for an Under30CEO football game–it’s up to you! These are totally open ended so let your imagination run wild.

If you want to organize your own meetup simply click “Schedule a Meetup About“.

Let’s have a Meetup and…

A few ideas:

  • Talk entrepreneurship
  • Network
  • Drink and be merry!
  • Help solve each others business problems
  • Play football or basketball
  • Change the world?!

When’s the Meetup?

Meetups usually work best after business hours, but who knows maybe a breakfast meetup will work well in your city.  Make sure to schedule your meetup 2-3 weeks in advance to allow time to spread the word.

Where will the Meetup happen?

First ask: what type of atmosphere are you looking for?  Crowded bars during Monday Night or Thursday Night Football can be tough for networking.  Ideally you want a quieter back room of a bar, or a headquarters of a local startup and go BYOB style.  Maybe the library, town hall, community center, local college campus, cafe, coffee shop, or an outdoor park.

Your biggest challenge will be figuring out who is there for the meetup.  If you walk into a crowded bar, you’ll never know who is with Under30CEO.  MAKE SURE the hostess, bartenders, librarians or receptionists know that you are hosting an event to guide people to your group.  Having someone at the door or a couple signs printed out to tell people where to go can be key.  Be as specific as possible on your directions–specify: front of the bar, back room, 7th floor, etc.  Call the venue in advance and work this out with them.  Also keep in mind potential attendees may not yet be 21 years of age, so find a venue that can legally accommodate a diverse group.


Now that you have your meetup scheduled you’ll want to get people in the door.  Your event will be automatically posted on the homepage of Under30CEO and our meetup page.  Here are a few other ideas:

  • Text, dial and email your friends to bring a few people
  • Share on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Contact other people who run events in your area and ask them to spread the word
  • Post your Under30CEO Meetup to Craigslist
  • Alert your Chamber of Commerce and other business groups
  • Write a blog post about your event or put our Under30CEO Meetup widget on your site
  • Submit your event to Zvents, Startup Digest and Gary’s Guide
  • Post on the wall of
  • Include @Under30CEO in your Tweets and we can help retweet you!

As your event gets near, email everyone a reminder who has RSVP’d.  Remember–even if a few people show up, your network will soon grow and let you become a leader in the local entrepreneurial community!

RSVP to join the Under30CEO Team next week in New York at Under30CEOnyc.

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