How Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Freelance Writers

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Young entrepreneurs can learn from the example of dedicated freelance writers. How, you ask? They’re just writers, you say, and I’m the founder and CEO of a small business! I don’t need to learn how to write! Well, all that is true, certainly, but also, freelance writers must accomplish other tasks in order to keep themselves writing. A good freelance writer shares qualities with successful entrepreneurs, and it is from these qualities that a young entrepreneur can learn.

Dedication to a Daily Routine

First and foremost, successful freelance writers follow a daily routine. They are dedicated writers who understand that the key to writing an article for a client is to work on that article every single day. Writers understand that nothing gets written well at the last minute. It takes time to refine language in such a way as to please a client, so freelance writers make time and stick to a schedule.

Young entrepreneurs should try to replicate the freelance writer’s dedication; every day, ask yourself: what can I do to make my business even more successful? Then do it!

A Sense for Opportunity

Freelance writers must be constantly on the lookout for new job opportunities, either from existing clients or from potential clients. Aside from writing, they must scan as many listing as possible to find clients and jobs that match their interests and rates. In the world of freelancing, if a job appears, it will quickly go away, so freelancers have to monitor their job sources and make smart bids to take advantage of money-making opportunities. A successful freelancer will even go out of his or her way to drum up jobs by staying in touch with past clients, suggesting ways a previous job could be improved.

Knowing when to take advantage of a good opportunity will help young entrepreneurs make their big break.

Perseverance in the Face of Rejection

Of course, freelance writers face rejection from all direction. Their bids on certain jobs get rejected by clients. Their work gets rejected by clients for not being what the client expected. Clients implicitly reject them by not following up on future projects. When a freelance writer experiences rejection, he or she cannot dwell on it too long. Certainly, a freelance writer should reflect on what may have caused the rejection and change his or her actions accordingly, but it’s never helpful to let the rejection affect other jobs. Freelance writers understand that rejection is part of the job, and that each job is different.

Sooner or later, a young entrepreneur must deal with a failed business plan; how the young entrepreneur responds to it will determine the successes he or she will experience in the future.

Excellent Communication Skills

You would expect a freelance writer to be great at communicating; after all, they’re good writers! Well, it’s a little more than that. Freelance writers must be able to not only write well, but also they must be able to figure out a client’s needs for a specific job. This means sometimes deciphering a client’s jargon-filled or vaguely worded descriptions of his or her needs. Communication is, obviously, a two-way street, and good freelance writers can navigate it with ease.

Communicating well with others will not only strengthen credibility, but also it will help young entrepreneurs gather together the perfect team to execute their vision.


Finally, freelance writers must be confident in their abilities. A good amount of self-confidence will help them tackle the biggest jobs, no matter how intimidating, because they know that the big job will also lead to a big payday.

This guest post is contributed by Kate Willson, who writes on the topics of top online colleges. 

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