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Introduction from the editor: At Under30CEO our philosophy is about creating a lifestyle that gives us the opportunity to experience things most people stuck at their 9-5 cannot.  Too many young CEOs are pushing life to the side and forgetting to enjoy the finer things in life, and to us–they are missing the point.

Allow me to introduce Jennifer Iannolo, our new CEO Seduction Specialist.  As an Under30CEO herself, Jennifer created a company that now enables her to travel the world experiencing all it has to offer in wine, food, and yes, sex.  She’ll explain that last one.

As the CEO of the Culinary Media Network, Jennifer has come on board to help every Under30CEO explore the joy of sensual pleasures. In addition to the tips and questions she’ll address here in her new weekly Q&A.


The first time I spoke with Matt and Jared, we talked about living the dream. I’m very fortunate that I can wake up every day — whether in New York, Venice, Lima or Glasgow — knowing I’ve designed the ultimate work and lifestyle for myself. And since my work is all about exploring the delights to be found in food and wine, it’s easy to call it play.

But here’s something I’ve noticed along the way: A lot of people are not only missing out  on the sensual pleasures of food, but those to be found in life itself. I want you to see the world from where I’m standing, because the view is pretty damned astounding, so I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can do just that.

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And I’ll share a secret with you: Exploring the sensual pleasures of food might start in the kitchen, but the rewards extend to the bedroom.

Food and sex are perhaps the only two things in life that stimulate all the senses in a way that is so profound, so fulfilling; but to experience the best of both, you must make your pleasure receptors ready. They need to be coaxed, cajoled — wooed.

That is part I. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, start by reading my manifesto, On Food and Sensuality. That will give you a sense of where we’re headed.

Part II pertains to another kind of wooing, and that dance begins at the table. With her senses. Stimulate her palate, and the rest tends to follow naturally.

Or, to put it in layman’s terms: Since Jared was talking this week about ways to find women, I’d like to teach you how to keep them.


We gathered some questions from a test group of Under30CEOs to get things started:

Q: What kind of wine is right for setting the mood, so she’ll lay down easier?applehoney-sq

A: Firstly, this amateur approach should be left behind along with your Spring Break memories. If you’re looking for a drunk quickie, you don’t need my advice: Pour alcohol down each other’s throats and have a meh time.

Which brings me back to my original premise. Drunk one-night stands are like dinners at McDonald’s: Yes, they fill the hole, but they are completely unfulfilling on a sensual level. And I’d like for you to avoid both as often as possible.

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To be clear, I’m not saying you need to be in a relationship. It’s the drunk part to which I’m objecting, because it dulls the senses and is the least fun way to have sex. You want to be able to feel everything, especially if it’s good, so why limit the possibilities for fulfillment?

Secondly, if you want to get her in the mood, why not try an approach that has a much greater chance of satiating the both of you? See below.

Q: How do you have a woman over for dinner without looking like you are trying too hard?

A: If you can’t cook, I would not suggest trying to fake it — she’ll figure it out eventually, and then you will look like a poseur. What you can do, however, is something that will save both your time and aggravation, and get you on the right pathway to a fulfilling evening: Get really great take-out (preferably her favorite), and serve it with some style. This means in actual dishes with actual silverware. We’re going for sensory stimulation here, so you need to engage her senses.

Let’s use an example with Indian takeout:

The Meal

  • Put the rice, mains & sides in nice bowls or on nice serving plates. (You can find these at the dollar store, so no excuses. They don’t have to match.)
  • Wine is difficult to match with Indian cuisine, so serve a beer instead. Normally you can get these right from the restaurant, or look for a beer like Kingfisher.

Important caveat #1: Go easy on the curries. There is nothing worse than trying to get busy with an upset stomach, so look for lighter items like grilled lamb with yogurt sauce, jasmine rice, etc.

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Important caveat #2: Pour the beer properly so you both aren’t left with keg belly. It should be poured directly down the center of the glass — no tilting. (And yes, you *will* serve it in a glass.) The beer will have a big head, but let it sit for a few minutes. This will evaporate most of the gases and leave you with flavor.

Now to set the mood. You can get all of this set up ahead of time, then light the candles about 5 minutes before she gets there.

  • Turn down half the lights in the room. This also hides dust.
  • Light some candles and set them around the room. Everyone looks good in low lighting, and it adds a more sultry ambiance to the room (that’s why restaurants use it).
  • Turn the coffee table into your dining table with big pillows on the floor for seating, as it’s more casual and intimate.
  • Turn on some good music that enhances the mood. This will depend entirely on your personality and taste, but go for something less jarring. Relaxed and comfortable is the goal here.
  • Set the table with placemats, utensils, napkins and glasses.

What does all of this say? It says you actually cared enough to take the time to have some style, to make her comfortable, and that you enjoy the finer touches in life.

Then, just be yourself. Make her laugh. Feed her a bite of Naan and see what happens.

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