Is Your Office Due for a Productivity Makeover?

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Does your office décor make you feel sluggish and unproductive? The environment you work in has an enormous impact on your psychological well-being. If your mind isn’t in the right space, your productivity will suffer.

How to Start a Productivity Makeover

To turn your office into an aesthetically pleasing environment with a productivity makeover. Take these redecorating tips into account.

1. Eliminate distracting décor

Having a giant zebra print banner on the wall with flashing lights is an obvious distraction. However, not all distractions are obvious. Distractions come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. Also, what’s distracting for one person won’t necessarily be distracting for others.

Anything your brain has to process will serve as a distraction. For example, a painting on the wall that you don’t particularly like can be a huge distraction. Any time you notice the painting, it will trigger an “I don’t like this” response in your brain, consciously or unconsciously.

Ideally, your office décor should blend into the background and remain unnoticed. Plain décor is usually the best option for areas within your line of sight and peripheral vision. If you want to use décor that’s a little more distracting (like ornate furniture, knickknacks, etc.), it’s best to place those items outside of your field of vision while you work.

2. Declutter (even if you believe clutter isn’t harmful)

You may have read articles defending clutter, stating it’s not always bad. While it’s true that clutter stimulates creativity, stimulation clashes with productivity. In other words, the right kind of clutter might inspire you, but it will provide constant stimulation — and that doesn’t belong in your workspace.

The problem with clutter is that it drains your energy on a subconscious level. Each time you notice something out of place, your brain is drained of energy and you lose your focus for a moment. Losing focus momentarily throughout the day isn’t a problem unless it’s frequent. With clutter, that loss of focus happens constantly.  

For example, say your desk is cluttered with sticky notes, pens, and old coffee mugs. Those items are constantly in your field of vision. Even when you aren’t paying direct attention to those items, they’re using up your brain’s allotment of energy when your brain notices them and shifts back to focusing on your work. 

It’s common to find desks cluttered with items and papers that aren’t in use — and aren’t going to be used on a daily basis. People have become accustomed to this type of working environment. However, that’s the kind of clutter that tanks productivity. 

It’s important to remind yourself that desks are workspaces, not storage spaces for items and to-do lists. If you’re not using the items on your desk, they should be put away in a drawer until needed.

If you aren’t convinced that clutter is negatively impacting your productivity, try working in a clutter-free space for two weeks. At the end of those two weeks, if you haven’t noticed a difference, you can go back to working in a cluttered space. 

3. Choose furniture and décor to create a specific mood

Are you aware that your furniture has an influence on your mood? If your office furniture is mismatched from thrift stores and garage sales, you’re probably not going to feel successful; that mood will be reflected in your output. On the other hand, feeling luxurious and successful while sitting at your desk will positively influence the quality of your work.

To boost your productivity, choose your office décor and furniture to intentionally elicit a mood of luxury and success. Browse online to find a desk that will nurture those feelings and keep you productive while providing enough space to work.

4. Get a standing desk with a standing mat

You’ve probably heard that standing desks are better than sitting in a chair all day. That’s partially true. Ideally, you don’t want to stand or sit for too long. That’s why a standing desk is the best option. It can be lowered and used with a chair at any time.

When using a standing desk, make sure you’ve got a comfortable standing mat. You can get a standard mat just about anywhere, but Wurf has gone above and beyond to make inflatable, durable mats that allow you to move and shift your weight comfortably as you work. If you want to up your comfort level even more, you can check out if you’re interested in supportive shoe insoles to help improve your posture while standing. 

You might be attached to your office as it is, but try redecorating with the intention of reducing clutter and eliminating distractions. With a distraction-free space, you’ll be surprised at how much work you get done in a shorter period of time.

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