Kabir Sethi to Depart from LPL Financial, Spurring Internal Reshuffling

by / ⠀News / March 6, 2024
"Departing Sethi"

Kabir Sethi, Managing Director and Chief Product Officer of LPL Financial will leave the company at the end of March, marking the end of his impactful eight-year tenure. This development arises from an internal reshuffling of business duties.

Throughout his time at LPL Financial, Sethi led crucial changes in streamlining operations and improving products. In his farewell message, Sethi showed gratitude for the support from the LPL team and voiced his belief in the firm’s ability to uphold excellent service.

LPL Financial ensures shareholders that the transition following Sethi’s departure will go smoothly. They believe this reallocation of duties represents progress in adapting to an ever-changing financial scene.

Before joining LPL Financial in April 2022, Sethi headed digital at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. With him, he brought extensive expertise in digital innovation and strategy. His leadership in digitizing Merrill Lynch marked a valuable contribution to LPL Financial.

LPL Financial has made it clear that there are no immediate plans to refill his position.

Their current stance is to distribute responsibilities among multiple teams, and they believe the existing team can handle the additional duties.

Throughout his tenure, Sethi made significant contributions. The company remains confident in its team’s continued excellence even in his absence. Sethi’s influential leadership will leave a lasting impression on the company’s continuing achievements.

Sethi had an impactful 18-year stint at Merrill Lynch, during which he reimagined their wealth management platform. He then extended his talents to LPL Financial, bringing numerous improvements to the company during his tenure.

At LPL, Sethi carried forward the work started by his predecessor, Burt White, enhancing the firm’s technology platform and refining its wealth management solutions. LPL Financial remains steadfast in its mission and is confident in its team’s ability to consistently implement it, even in light of these top-tier changes.

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