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With the latest addition to the list of Google algorithm updates, namely the Penguin Update, online entrepreneurs and marketers alike are scrambling to figure out the best ways to promote their websites. There always seems to be a gap between entrepreneurs merging their business skills with their knowledge of SEO. Having a high ranking position on Google is basically a goldmine for targeted organic traffic. But getting there seems to become more difficult with each update.

If you want to evaluate the legitimacy of your SEO campaign, then you have to realize that there is hard work involved. There are no short cuts and no techniques that do not require time to yield positive results. A massive link building and forum posting campaign are not as effective because people are blatantly manipulating those techniques for their own means.

As entrepreneurs, we want to rake in the profits but search engines are all about user experience. So look at it from the perspective of the Search Engine: You purchasing some sort of a spam robot to post comments on your behalf on blogs and forums, might get you links but they do not guarantee the quality of your site. Search engines want to display quality sites in their results and want to sandbox spam sites that do not offer anything of value to the user.

Of course, even then, a lot of business owners and marketers have a hard time distinguishing between user friendly marketing techniques and strategies that are likely to get their sites de-indexed. So a straight cut solution to improvising on search engine friendly and informative SEO strategies is video marketing.

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A lot of SEO experts will claim that video marketing is not really SEO and that it is a marketing technique in its own right. In my personal opinion, I think that video marketing is such a powerful technique because it is a multi-purpose marketing strategy.

  • Selling Your Goods Or Services: Videos can be tied directly to information marketing i.e. you can use the awesome power of visual media to inform potential customers about your products. Informative videos or infomercials are classified as a direct marketing technique; as you are communicating directly with your customer.  So you can increase your conversion rates with videos but does that covert to higher search engine rankings?
  • Video and SEO? : The SEO mechanism behind video marketing resembles article marketing in a lot of ways. Actually, for SEO purposes you want to syndicate your videos, the same way you syndicate your articles. People who find your videos interesting may like to share it on their social media profiles or their own websites or newsletters. If you finish your videos on a beguiling note, people may be inclined to click your links or to go to your website. That is organic traffic at its finest. Think about your content receiving exposure in social media; think about your own social media profile and how much it can boost your rankings. If there is one thing a search algorithm loves in a website, it is a strong following in social media.

I know that there are none of the traditional SEO issues like anchor text or keyword optimization. But video marketing is going to boost your presence in social media, help your target customers learn more about what you have to offer and bring your website visitors in the form of people who want to follow up on what you said in your video.

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Creating helpful and informative videos is user friendly, interactive and it adds value to your site. So if you have editing skills and a decent camera, lights……camera…….ACTION!

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