Micromobs is Making it Easier to Communicate With Your Group

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micromobsWhat is the story behind the company:

My co-founder Himani and I were discussing our frustrations with email threads and web based group applications and soon realized there was an enormous problem to solve. Messaging regularly with your groups was just not easy enough. We decided to take our rough ideas to the Founder Institute where we solidified the concept and put together a base prototype. Early on we envisioned a product that helped groups communicate in a different way, one that was more efficient, organized, secure and incredibly simple. micromobs was born.

What makes your company unique in its industry:

Micromobs is unique because it is one of the few group applications that focuses exclusively on simplicity and security. Users do not need to use complex group/collaboration products that have an inherent learning curve. micromobs, instead allows users to quickly and easily add their groups and begin communicating in a way that is familiar to them.  Additionally, users do not need to worry about who their posts are broadcast to. micromobs makes it clear who is in each mob and whether or not a mob is public or private.

Future plans for the company:

Having just launched our public beta, we are in a phase where we are actively taking user feedback, which has been great so far. Our goal is to continue to develop micromobs into a product that is even simpler than the current iteration. There is also a need to increase access to the service by creating a mobile solution as well. Once we get through these tasks we will be introducing premium features.

What was the start-up budget:

Over the last few months we have impressed ourselves with our ability to bootstrap the company. At this point we could teach bootstrapping 101 if we needed to. We have managed to cut out all of our frivolous spending.  At this point we have spent less than $10,000.

Founders names and ages:

Himani Amoli – 24
Gordon McCreight – 34
Ajay Kamat – 24

Where can people find the company?

www.micromobs.com, twitter.com/micromobs , http://www.facebook.com/micromobs, blog.micromobs.com

Help Micromobs out by answering their questions!

1. Its a challenge to hire good people. We’re looking for ruby developers!
2. What’s the best way to market a free web application?
3. What do you think is the best vertical for micromobs? Family, education, travel planning etc.

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