More Startups Coming to New York City Over Silicon Valley

by / ⠀Startup Advice / February 6, 2012

Photo credit: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Silicon Valley has always been a hotbed for startups but over the last few years New York City or Silicon Alley has been coming up fast. A recent article in Gigaom talked about how their research showed a definite trend towards more and more startups actually choosing NYC over the valley. They note how NYC has strong ties to finance, fashion, media, retail, advertising and increasingly big data and location-based services.

Silicon Valley still rules, especially when seeking top technical talent, but New York is rising fast. Incubators, investors and startup infrastructure is growing everyday in the city which is slowly changing the way many young companies see it. New York is not yet ready to take down the valley but it’s something to keep an eye on over the next 10 years for sure.

The article also touched on a few areas more specifically like:

  • Close to brands and retailers
  • New York has changed
  • Local strengths
  • Not ready to topple Silicon Valley

You can read the full article on Gigaom



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